Muscles and movement

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  1. Muscles can only …… the bone so they work in pairs to create ………… …………
    Pull, antagonistic action
  2. What is antagonistic action?
    Where muscles work in pairs so that when one relaxes, the other contracts and pulls the bone allowing us to move our bones.
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  4. Smooth muscle:
    • Contracts/ relaxes slowly
    • Doesn't get tired
    • e.g. lines the intestines, blood vessels, in the airways of the lungs
  5. Skeletal muscles:
    • They cause movement a the joints
    • attached to bones by tendons
    • made of long fibres of many cells that have fused together
    • Contract quickly but soon get tired
    • eg calfs, arms
  6. Cardiac muscles:
    • Has branching fibres
    • this muscle keeps the heart beating
    • never gets tired
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