Skeletal system

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  2. Name 4 functions of the skeleton?
    • To support the body
    • For movement
    • To make blood cells
    • To protect body organs
  3. What helps hold bones together?
    A short, tough, flexible band called a ligament
  4. What is a fixed joint?
    A joint that cannot move e.g. skull
  5. What is a joint?
    A joint is the place where bones meet and are held together by ligaments.
  6. What is a pivot joint?
    A joint with limited movement e.g. spine, neck
  7. What is a hinge joint?
    A joint that can move in 1 direction e.g. elbows, knees
  8. What is a ball and socket joint?
    A joint that can move in any direction e.g. arms, hips
  9. Cartilage
    A firm tissue much softer and flexible than bone. It is a connective tissue found at the ends of the ribs, ears, nose and in joints between cartilage. Its main function is to hold bones together along with ligaments. It also reduces friction and acts as a shock absorber
  10. Synovial fluid
    A lubricant inside a joint that helps to reduce friction between the bones
  11. Femur
    Largest bone in the body
  12. Ear bones
    Smallest bone in the body
  13. how many bones make up the average human skeleton?
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