June 2016

  1. preceding (a)
    existing or happening before someone or something:

    The paintings are a development of ideas she explored in the preceding decade.

    In conclusion, I hope the preceding arguments have convinced you of the need for action.
  2. distinct (a)
    clearly separate and different (from something else):

    Distinct advantages and disadvantages in a terms of the life of business, the ability of the business to raise cash and taxes
  3. distinction(n)
    no distinction between . .. and . ..
  4. span(n) time (v) (a) 

    spick and span=very clean and tidy:
    an average life span of 70 years
  5. tidy(a,v,n) ordered
    • (a) a tidy solution
    • (v) Let's have/do a quick tidy-up before Mum gets home.
    • (n) Let's have/do a quick tidy-up before Mum gets home.
  6. separate (a)
    existing or happening independently or in a different physical space:

    The art department and the music department are in two separate buildings.

    • I try to keep meat separate from other food in the fridge.
    • I have my public life and my private life, and as far as possible. I try to keep them separate.
    • Three youths have been shot and killed in separate incidents this mon
    • th.
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