Brackett 2

  1. Act 1 scene 5

    Ballis: Lieutenant you and me are going on a boat trip whether you like it or not. (throws an orange)
    Hay, who the hell through that? (walks up to Billis)
  2. Brackett: sit down in office)

    Cable, we've got some dope on your Frenchman.

    • Marie Louise Island.. moved down here 16 years ago
    • Lived with a Polynesian woman for about 5 years.
    • Two children with her.. She died.
    • Here's one thing we've got to clear up.
    • Seems he left France in a hurry. Killed a guy.
    • What do you think of that?
  3. Cable: Might be a handy man to have around.

    (phone rings)
    • Good send her n.
    • No we haven't got time for her to change into her uniform.
    • Tell her to come in.
    • (stands when she enters)
    • Come in Mss Forbush.
  4. Captain Brackett please excuse the way I look.
    • You look fine.
    • May I introduce Commander Harbision.
  5. I have the pleasure of meeting Miss Forbush twice a week. We serve together on the G.I Entertainments Committee.
    • Oh!
    • May I also introduce Lt Joseph Cable..
    • Miss Forbush. (introducing them)

    How's the Thanksgiving entertainments coming along?
  6. Very well thank you sir.  We practise when ever we get the chance.
    • About a week ago you had lunch with a French planter..
    • Emile de Becque.
  7. Yes sir.
    What do you know about him?
  8. Well I er...what do I know about him?
    That's right.
  9. We meet at the officer's club dance. He was three...and I met him .  Then I had lunch with him that day..
    Yes!  Now what...kind of a man is he?
  10. Nellie; He's very nice..He's kind..I er I just don't know what you want to know sir.
    Harrison: Miss Forbush, Captain Brachet want's to know if you discussed politics.
    Nellie: No Sir.
    • Would you have discussed politics Commander.
    • Now what we are ...specifically interested in ... 
    • when these fellows come out from France,
    • it's generally because they've had some trouble. 
    • (exchanges looks with Harrison)
    • Now..has he ever told you anything about THAT?
  11. (Nellie hesitates for a moment and Brackett sensing her embarrassment tries to help her.)
    What do you know about his family?
  12. Nellie: He has no wife, nobody.
    Harbison: He hasn't any children?
    Nellie: No sir.
    And you say he's never told you why he left France.
  13. Nellie: Yes, sir. He left France because he killed a man.(Brackett looks at Harbison)
    Harbison: Did he tell you why? Nellie: No but he will if I ask him. Harbison: Well Mss Forbush that's exactly what we'd like you to do. Find out as much as you can about him, his background his opinions and why he killed this man in France. Nellie: In other words you want me to spy on him.(Harbison starts to say something but Brackett jumps in)
    Well, I'm afraid it is something like that.
  14. Nellie: Why?  Do you suspect him of anything?
    • No..
    • it's just that we don't..know very much about him and he er.....
    • Will you help us Mss Forbush?
  15. Nellie: I'll try.
    • (rising) Thanks you.
    • You may go now if yo wish.
  16. Nellie: I don't know very much about him do I?
    Cable: He's kept a few secrets from her, hasn't he.
    • Well,
    • You don't spring a couple of Polynesian kids
    • on a woman right off the bat!
  17. Harbision: I'm afraid we aren't going to get much from her. she's obviously in love with him.
    Cable: That's hard to believe sir. They tell me he's a middle aged man.
    • Cable
    • it is a common mistake for boys of your age
    • and athletic ability
    • to underestimate men who have reached their maturity
  18. I didn't mean sir..
    • Young woman frequently find a grown man attractive..
    • strange as it may seem to you.
    • I myself am over 50..I am a bachelor
    • and Cable, I do not, by any means,
    • consider myself.. through!
  19. (Harbison laughing)
    What's the matter Bill?
  20. Harbison: Nothing evidently.
    • OK...
    • Cable, see you at chow.

    Do you play bridge?
  21. Cable: Yes sir.
    Got any money?
  22. Cable: Yes sir.
    Well, I'm a highly likely to take that off you.
  23. Cable; Yes sir.

    (wagging a finger at Harbision looking at a map)
    What makes you so dame sure this mission won't work?
  24. Harbison: Marie Lewis Island is 24 miles long and 3 miles wide. Let's say that every time they send out a message they move to another hill. It seems to me looking at thins optimistically the could last about a week.
    • Of course it would be worth it if it were the right week.
    • with decent information our side might get moving
    • Operation alligator might get of it's can.
  25. Quale: Here it is sir.
    • Okay,
    • Bill. See you at chow.

    ..See you at chow Bill.
  26. Harbision: Oh, yes see you at chow.
    Got the right address?
  27. Quale: I think so sir, Mrs Amelia Fortuna, 23 Euclid Avenue, Charleston, South Carolina 
    • That's right.
    • I want to pack it myself.
  28. Quale: Yes sir.
    There is nothing like a dame
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