USTEP3 day 16

  1. major cause of respiratory muscle weakness in ICU
    low phosphate
  2. rapid correction of hyponatermia can produce what
    central pontine myelinolysis
  3. is forced sterilization ethical
  4. botulism presents as descending or ascending weakness
  5. side effect of SGLT inhibitors
    candidal infections
  6. in acute prostatitis with retention,next step
    suprapubic cath
  7. best study to evaluate intentional head trauma in baby
    CT head
  8. rx for cat or dog bite wounds
    • amoxacill-clav
    • 2nd line Bactrim and clinda
  9. rx for medication induced psychosis
    • low potency anti psychotics
    • quiatepine or clozapine
  10. 1 st line for PMS
    2nd line
    • SSRI, if it fails, try another
    • OCP
  11. PMS can predispose to what
  12. rx for CTS
    occupational + splinting
  13. next step with gross hematuria
    ua and urine culture
  14. ds-DNA or anti smith as more specific for SLE
  15. flare up of SLE is monitored by
    c3 and anti-ds DNA
  16. Rx for long term sle
  17. in SLE , cyclophosphamide is give for
    • nephritis
    • organ involvement other then kidneys
  18. can turner patient be pregnant
    yes but chance is low
  19. dx of a celia sprue patient with malabsoprtion who is adherent to gluten free diet
  20. best initial test for allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis
    skin test
  21. rx for APBA
    oral steroids
  22. management of subchorionic hematoma
    expectant management
  23. most common cause of 1st trimester cause of bleeding
    subchorionic hematoma
  24. kleihauer-betke test
    used to measure fetal cells in maternal circulation
  25. what meds should not be given in renal failure
    metformin and sulfonylureas
  26. rx for pregnant women for chlamydia
    erythromycin or azithrom
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USTEP3 day 16
USTEP3 day 16