CCV Chimneys

  1. 3 types of chimney system
    • Open flue
    • room sealed
    • closed
  2. components of an open chimney
    • Primary flue,
    • draught diverter,
    • secondary flue,
    • terminal
  3. secondary flues must be supported at least
    1.8m vertically
  4. requirements of an open chimney
    • No bends in primary flue,
    • minimum of 600mm rise before any bends,
    • bends shall not be more than 45o to the vertical,
    • chimney / flue should be as vertical as possible.
  5. Typical dimensions for a brick chimney
    225mm x 225mm
  6. When should a brick chimney be lined
    should be lined if built after 1965 UK, 1971 Scotland.
  7. csa for a pre-cast flue system
  8. Requirements for terminal openings
    Must be between 6mm & 16mm
  9. Position of fan on a type B12 appliance
    The fan is downstream of the heat exchanger.
  10. Position of fan on a type B13 appliance
    The fan is upstream to the heat exchanger
  11. All chimneys and flues less than what diameter must have a terminal installed
    170 mm
  12. What is the minimum spacing between two or more terminals
  13. The requirements of 3 or more terminals less than 300mm apart
    Must terminate at the same height.
  14. when must a terminal guard be fitted
    when terminal is within 2m of ground level
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