Vocabulary 6

  1. erreichbar, verfügbar
    • accessible
    • (The island is only accessible by boat.)
    • (This television programme aims to make history more accessible to children.)
  2. unzugänglich, unverständlich
  3. Zugänglichkeit, Erreichbarkeit
    • accessibility
    • (Computers have given people greater accessibility to information.)
  4. etw zur Verfügung stellen, etw ermöglichen
    • to provide sb (with sth)
    • to provide sth (for sb)
    • (This book will provide you with all the information you need.)
  5. Nachteil
  6. eine Gelegenheit verpassen
    • to miss the boat
    • (I guess we really missed the boat when we didn't take that bungalow last week.)
  7. nichts vorzuweisen haben, keine Chance haben
    • haven't got a leg to stand on
    • (If you take him to court, you haven't got a leg to stand on.)
  8. sich übernehmen
    to bite off more than can chew
  9. auf frischer Tat ertappt
    • caught red-handed
    • (He was caught red-handed)
  10. sich etw widmen (to give all your energy, time, efforts etc to sth)
    • to dedicate oneself to sth
    • (He dedicated his life to helping the poor)
  11. Schwimmflossen
  12. Schutzbrille
  13. faulenzen
    to laze (about/around)
  14. Freizeit
  15. (allmählich) zu Ende gehen
    (to slowly become smaller, quieter, etc. and then stop)
    to peter out
  16. beschleunigen
    • to accelerate
    • (The driver slowed down for the bend then accelerated away.)
    • (The government plans to accelerate the pace of reform.)
  17. Beschleunigung
  18. auf Grund laufen
    • to go/run aground
    • (If a ship runs/goes aground, it touches the ground in water that is not deep enough an it cannot move.)
  19. Geier
  20. Aas
  21. Schnauze (animal mouth)
  22. Geweih
    pair of antlers
  23. Kiemen
  24. Libelle
  25. Raupe
  26. im Schneckentempo
    at a snail's pace
  27. Säugetier
  28. Stosszahn
  29. Rüssel
  30. nachgeben, einen Rückzieher machen
    • to back down
    • (I think you are right to demand apology. Don't back down now.)
  31. jdn/etw unterstützen
    • to back sb/sth up
    • (I'm going to say exactly what I think at the meeting. Will you back me up?)
    • (All the evidence backed up what the woman had said.)
  32. um etw herumreden
    to beat about the bush
  33. Schritt für Schritt
    • bit by bit
    • (Bit by bit we managed to get the information we needed.)
  34. Schläfe
  35. Zahnfleisch
    gums (pl.)
  36. Achselhöhle
  37. Handgelenk
  38. Handinnenfläche
  39. Ferse
  40. to think about sth all the time
    to have sth on the brain (informal)
  41. to start the work that has to be done
    to get down to business
  42. mit etw angeben
    • to boast about sth
    • (I wish she wouldn't boast about her family so much.)
  43. etw auslaufen lassen
    • to phase sth out
    • (The older machines are gradually being phased out and replaced by new ones.)
  44. etw durchblicken lassen
    • to hint at sth
    • (He hinted that he might be moving to Greece.)
  45. jdn/etw bewundern
    • to marvel at sb/sth
    • (We marvelled at how much they had managed to do.)
  46. etw erklären
    • to account for sth
    • (How can we account for these changes?)
  47. sich um jdn/etw kümmern
    • to cater for sb/sth
    • (We need a hotel that caters for small children.)
    • (The menu caters to all tastes.)
  48. etw für etw vorsehen (bestimmen)
    to earmark sth for sth
  49. jdn davon abschrecken (abhalten) etw zu tun
    to deter sb from doing sth
  50. sich gegen etw absichern
    • to insure against sth
    • (They insured the painting against damage or theft.)
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