Vocabulary 5

  1. 1) abgelegen
    2) lang vergangen
    3) gering
    • remote (from sth)
    • (a remote Island in the Pacific.)
    • (the remote past/future)
    • (I haven't the remotest idea who could have done such a thing.)
  2. abwerten, entwerten
    • to devalue
    • (The pound has been devalued against the dollar.)
    • (The refusal of the top players to take part devalues this competition.)
  3. Entwertung, Abwertung
  4. ethnische Säuberung
    ethnic cleansing
  5. zu etw in keinem Verhältnis stehen
    (too large or too small when compared to sth else)
    to be disproportionate to sth
  6. unverhältnismässig, ungleich
  7. glimmen
    (to burn slowly without a flame)
    • to smoulder
    • (a cigarette smouldering in an ashtray)
  8. Unter-, Mangelernährung
  9. unterernährt
    • malnourished
    • (The children were badly malnourished.)
  10. Die Vorstellung, dass... (something you have in mind; an idea)
    • a notion that...
    • (I have a vague notion that I had seen her before.)
  11. stur, dickköpfig
    • stubborn
    • (She's too stubborn to apologize.)
  12. Sturheit
  13. 1) mutig (Person: confident and not afraid)
    2) auffällig (that you can see clearly)
    3) (letters: in thick dark type)
    • bold
    • (Not many people are bold enough to say exactly what they think.)
    • (bold, bright colours)
    • (Make the important text bold.)
  14. Mut, Beherztheit; Risikobereitschaft
  15. Beherrschung, Fassung
    (the state of being calm and having your feelings under control)
  16. to be easy for sb to do
    • to come easily/naturally to sb
    • (Apologizing does not come easily to her.)
  17. (formal) if sth happens...
    • In the event of sth...
    • (In the Event of fire, leave the buildings as quickly as possible.)
  18. etw zu etw beisteuern, zu etw beitragen
    • to contribute (sth) (to/towards sth)
    • (The research has contributed a great deal to our knowledge of cancer.)
  19. wohlwollend, gütig
    (Kind and helpful)
  20. vorsichtig, wachsam
  21. abdrehen, umschwenken
    (to suddenly change direction)
    to veer
  22. Versprechen
    (to make a formal promise)
  23. um jdn/etw werben
    • to woo sb/sth
    • (If a man woos a woman he tries to persuade her to marry him)
  24. etw zeigen, etw ausstellen
    • to exhibit sth
    • (His paintings have been exhibited in the local art gallery.)
    • (The refugees are exhibiting signs of exhaustion and stress.)
  25. 1) sowieso
    2) irgendwie
    • anyhow
    • (She threw the clothes down onto the bed, just anyhow.)
  26. etw aus etw schliessen
    (to form an opinion or decide that sth is true from the information you have)
    • to infer sth from sth
    • (I inferred from our conversation that he was unhappy with his job.)
  27. Schlussfolgerung
  28. etw von sich geben
    (to say sth or make a sound with your voice)
    • to utter sth
    • (She did not utter a word in the meeting.)
  29. etw andeuten
    • to imply sth
    • (He didn't say so - but he implied that I was lying.)
  30. Merkwürdigkeit
    (an aspect of sb's character or behaviour that is strange)
    (a strange thing that happens by chance)
    • quirk
    • (You'll soon get used to the boss's Little quirks.)
    • (By a strange quirk of fate they met again several years later.)
  31. Eigenart
    (sb's particular way of speaking or a particular movement they often do)
  32. empfindlich, heikel
    • touchy
    • (He's a bit touchy about his weight.)
    • (Don't mention the exam. It's a very touchy subject.)
  33. zuverlässig
    • reliable
    • (Japanese cars are usually very reliable.)
    • (Is he a reliable witness?)
  34. unzuverlässig
  35. Zuverlässigkeit
  36. strafrechtliche Verfolgung
  37. unbeholfen (opp: ellegant)
  38. gerade dabei sein
    to be about ...
  39. im Begriff sein, etw zu tun
    to be on the point of doing sth
  40. jdm etw entziehen (vorenthalten)
    • to deprive sb/sth of sth
    • (The prisoners were deprived of food.)
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