Intro Health Care

  1. Acute Infectious Diseases
    Short term diseases that last no longer than 2 weeks
  2. Ambulatory Surgery
    (Walk-In) Outpatient Surgery
  3. Chronic Diseases
    Longterm diseases that last longer than 2 weeks
  4. Gross Domestic Product
    Total of all goods and services produced with in a country
  5. Epidemics
    The out break of disease with sudden rapid growth
  6. Expenditures
    Cost of services, where the money has gone
  7. Health Care Benefits
    Benefits given to a person that pays for or assists with payment of health care services.
  8. Home Health Services
    Predominenlty Medically related services given to patients in a home setting.
  9. Indigent Care
    Care for poor or homeless
  10. Long-term Care Services
    Medical and Non Medicial services to people who have a chronic illness or disability.
  11. Managed Care
    A system of care that controls costs by limiting doctor's fee's and patients choices.
  12. Medicaid
    Healthcare benefits for low income familes or children.
  13. Medicare
    Health care benefits for elderly
  14. Mortality
    • Death
  15. National Institues of Health (NIH
    National research agency that is part of the U.S. Dept of Health
  16. Out-of-Pocket payments
    Payments made for services not covered by health care benefits or insurance.
  17. Personal Health services
    Services received from others to address health issues.
  18. Pharmaceuticals
    • A/any medical drug that can be prescribed or purched at a pharmacy to prevent or assists with pain or illness.
  19. Providers
    People who provide services
  20. Resources
    A source of aid or support that may be drawn upon when needed.
  21. Socical Security system
    Gov. program aimed at providing basic needs to citizens who are retired, unemployed or unemployable due to disability or disadvantage.
  22. Technology
    Tools and machines to ease work.
  23. Uninsured
    A person not covered by any insurance benefits.
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