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  1. You see the following results in the command prompt. What
    command did you just type? Resolved By Broadcast = 0 Resolved By Name Server =
    0 Registered By Broadcast = 9 Registered By Name Server = 0   a. nbtstat

    b. nbtstat –RR

    c. nbtstat –R

    d. nbtstat –s
    nbtstat -r
  2. You need to add the IP address to the network
    • adapter via the command line. It also needs to have a gateway address of
    • The command you should type is _________.

    • Netsh interface ip add address name=”Local Area
    • Connection”
  4. You are troubleshooting a computer that is making strange
    • connections to the Internet on its own. The _________ command will show you the
    • network sessions to various computers on the Internet.
    • netstat
  5. Your boss wants you to download some manuals from an FTP site.
    • He wants you to do so via the command line. The _________ command will allow
    • you to accomplish this goal.
    • ftp
  6. You are troubleshooting a server and decide to refresh the
    • NetBIOS names. You type a command that yields the following results: The
    • NetBIOS names registered by this computer have been refreshed. You typed the
    • _________ command.
    • Nbtstat -RR
  7. You are told by your boss to empty the DNS cache of a computer
    • and reconnect to the nearest DNS server. You need to type the _________ and
    • _________ commands.

  8. ipconfig/registerdns
  9. Your Windows client failed to broadcast to all servers that it
    has accepted an IP address offer. What step is this in the four-step DORA

    a. Discovery

    b. Offering

    c. Request

    d. Acknowledge
  10. You are in charge of setting up a DHCP server to hand out IP
    addresses and other IP-related information. Which of the following cannot be
    obtained from a DHCP server?

    a. IP address

    b. MAC address

    c. DNS server address

    d. Gateway address
    MAC address
  11. Proseware, Inc., wants you to scan servers for DHCP activity.
    Which ports should you be looking for?

    a. 53 and 54

    b. 80 and 443

    c. 20 and 21

    d. 67 and 68
    67 and 68
  12. A co-worker asks for your help in analyzing a problem with a
    DHCP server. The server’s scope has been created and the IP range appears to be
    valid, yet no clients are obtaining IP addresses. What could be the reason for

    a. The server was not authorized.

    b. The scope was not activated.

    c. The scope was not authorized.

    d. The server is down.
    • The scope was not
    • activated.
  13. The IT director has asked you set up a computer to acquire an IP
    address from a newly configured DHCP server. Which of the following is the best
    command to use?

    a. ping -n

    b. ipconfig /renew

    c. ipconfig /release

    d. ping -renew
    ipconfig /renew
  14. You are troubleshooting a computer that cannot obtain the proper
    IP address from a DHCP server. When you run ipconfig, the address
    shows up in the results. What service is assigning the IP address to the

    a. DHCP   b. WINS

    c. APIPA   d. DNS
  15. You have just scanned the ports of your server and see that port
    3389 is open. What can you deduce from this?

    a. The WINS service is running.

    b. The DNS service is running.

    c. Terminal Services is running.

    d. RRAS is running.
    Terminal Services is running.
  16. Your boss asks you to take control of a server remotely from
    within the GUI of the client OS. What is the proper tool to use?

    a. Remote Desktop

    b. Telnet

    c. FTP

    d. SSH
    Remote Desktop
  17. You have been asked by a client to install a VPN server. Which
    of the following services should be chosen in order to accomplish this?

    a. DNS

    b. RRAS

    c. WINS

    d. Ipsec
  18. Which protocol generates encryption and authentication keys that
    are used by IPsec?

    a. ESP   b. AH

    c. SA     d. IPv6
  19. The _________ service resolves host names to IP
    • addresses
    • dns
  20. The _________ service resolves NetBIOS names to IP addresses.
  21. The _________ step in the DORA four-step process is when a
    • client broadcasts out to the network in order to find a DHCP server.
    • discovery
  22. When renewing a DHCP assigned IP address, usually _________
    • steps of the DORA process are involved.
    • two
  23. To install the DHCP service on a Windows Server 2008 computer,
    • you would use the _________ section of the Server Manager.
    • roles
  24. By default, wired DHCP leases last for _________ days.
  25. The _________ and _________ commands are useful when
    • troubleshooting a client that is having difficulty obtaining an IP address from
    • a DHCP server.
    • ipconfig/releaseipconfig/renew
  26. A client that has obtained an IP address of is
    • getting the IP address from _________.
    • apipa
  27. _________ enables clients to connect to and take control of a
    • server.
    • Terminal Services (or
    • Remote Desktop Services)
  28. _________ networks take the place of direct dial-up connections
    • by using the inherent power of the Internet.
    • Virtual Private
    • Networks
  29. You have been hired to install several routing protocols to a
    group of routers. Which one of the following is not an example of a dynamic
    routing protocol?

    a. RIP

    b. IGRP

    c. RRAS

    d. OSPF
    c. RRAS
  30. You need to install the latest version of RIP on Windows Server
    2008. Which version should you select?

    a. Version 1

    b. Version 2

    c. Version 3

    d. RIP does not have multiple versions
    Version 2
  31. Proseware, Inc., has hired you to install a PAD (router) that
    will enable a packet switched connection to the Internet. Which of the
    following is an example of packet switching technology?

    a. T1

    b. Frame Relay

    c. 802.1X

    d. ATM
    Frame Relay
  32. A co-worker asks for your help installing a NAT server. What is
    the best tool to use for this?

    a. DNS   b. RIP

    c. ATM   d. RRAS
  33. The IT director has asked you to install a new demarc device.
    What is he referring to? (Select the best answer.)

    a. A router

    b. A CSU/DSU

    c. A switch

    d. A server
  34. You have been asked to troubleshoot a wide area networking
    technology that has a maximum data transfer rate of 64 Kbps. What technology
    will you be troubleshooting?

    a. Frame Relay

    b. ATM

    c. X.25

    d. SONET
    . X.25
  35. The manager of IT has instructed you to install a PAD. To which
    of the following devices is a PAD most similar?

    a. Hub

    b. Switch

    c. Router

    d. CSU/DSU
  36. Your boss asks you to have the organization’s ISP install a T1
    line. What is the total speed or throughput of that line?

    a. 1.536 Mbps

    b. 1.544 Mbps

    c. 1.5 Mbps

    d. 15.35 Mbps
    1.544 Mbps
  37. A customer wants to install an ISDN line for video conferencing.
    Which of the following should you install?

    a. BRI

    b. ATM

    c. PRI

    d. OC3
  38. A small business wants to ensure that its DSL Internet
    connection uploads and downloads the same amount of information per second.
    Which type of DSL should you install?

    a. xDSL

    b. ADSL

    c. SDSL

    d. DSL Lite
    . SDSL
  39. You must install a routing protocol that monitors the network
    • for routers that have changed their link state. The _________ protocol will
    • allow you to accomplish this.
    • OSPF
  40. The _________ is a protocol that bases routing decisions on the
    • network path and rules.
    • BGP
  41. To enable dynamic routing, you have been instructed to install
    • RIPv2. You should install this in the _________ snap-in.
    • RRAS
  42. A customer requires a high-speed packet switching alternative to
    • X.25. In this situation, you should install _________.
    • frame relay
  43. X.25 connections utilize a clocking circuit. This makes them
    • _________.
    • synchronous

  44. You are analyzing Frame Relay frames and find that a message
    • consisting of ten separate packets was sent over five different circuits. These
    • five circuits together form a _________ circuit.
    • virtual

  45. Your company just purchased a leased line that runs the Frame
    • Relay service. The standard data rate for this service is known as _________.
    • CIR
  46. A client wishes to upgrade her remote users from dial-up to a
    • faster service. However, cable Internet and DSL are not available in the users’
    • respective areas. Another valid alternative is to use _________.
    • ISDN
  47. A customer wants a WAN technology that does not use variable
    • length packets but instead uses fixed length cells. You should recommend
    • _________.
    • ATM
  48. A client with eight computers needs a cost-effective Internet
    • solution that can transmit 128 Kbps. You should recommend _________.
    • BRI
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