USMLE3 day 14

  1. contracindications to OCP
    • liver disease
    • migraine with aura
    • >>35 + smoking
    • HTN
    • major surgery
    • breast cancer
    • hx of VTE, CAD or stroke
  2. what type of acne gets oral isotretinoin
    nodular or cystic
  3. inflammatory acne
    oral antibiotis
  4. comedonal acne rx thats severe
    topical retinoids
  5. diff between PML  vs Toxo, lymphoma, abscess
    PML has non-enhancing MRI lesions

    Toxo, lympho, absceess has enhancing
  6. Criteria for severe asthma exacerbation
    PEF <60 and Sat <90
  7. reaction formation
    behaving oppostive of what you feel
  8. Rx for Borderline
    dialectical therapy
  9. 3 high radioiodine uptake disorders
    • graves
    • Toxic multinodular goiter
    • hyperfunctioning adenoma
  10. for acne who shoould ot take tetracyclines
    pregnant womena nd kids due to tooth discoloration
  11. photoxoic reaction due to what meds

    RX is insaids
  12. side effect of isotretinoin
    • hyperglycemia
    • hypertrigyceridiemia
    • pancreatitis
    • hepatotoxicity
  13. keratitis vs conjunctiviting
    keratitis is acutal cornea inflammation whre as conjunctivitis is just the memebraine inflammation
  14. Rx for keratitis
    • erythromycin
    • sulfa drops
    • polymyxin drops
  15. pilotis should wait how long after taking viagra
    6 hours
  16. difference in infection between gay and straight women
    gay women have more BV
  17. what is seen on LP of MS pts
    oligoclonal bands and IgG
  18. rx for steroid refractory acute MS exacerbation
  19. rx for MS
    beta interferon and glatiramer
  20. higher or lower dz activity in preganancy in MS pts
    lower with pregnancy
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USMLE3 day 14
USMLE3 day 14