stop and frisk

  1. what justification is needed to stop a suspect
    reasonable suspition
  2. justification needed to frisk a detained person or vehicle
    reasonable belief that the suspect is armed and dangerous to yourself or others
  3. what is the purpose of a stop and frisk
    to search for weapons
  4. what areas can be searched in a stop and frisk
    areas within immediate control of the detainee where a weapon might be placed or hidden
  5. what is "plain feel"
    officer has to be legaly justified in performing a frisk and immediately recognizes, with P/C certainity, an object as evidence of contraband
  6. when can a container be searched for weapons during a frisk
    • open containers can be searched based on reasonable suspision
    • closed containers can be searched based on reasonable suspision and accessability to the suspect
    • locked containers are not easly accessable therefor you need a search warrant
  7. what can an officer do while detaining a suspect whit a container when frisk of the container does not seem reasonable
    the officer can temporarily seize the container, set it out of reach and return it when the detention is over.
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