Piper Warrior Limitations

  1. Airspeeds

    60 KIAS - Rotation Speed
  2. Vx:
    63 KIAS - Best Angle of Climb Speed
  3. Vy:
    79 KIAS - Best Rate of Climb Speed

    87 KIAS - Cruise Climb
  4. VsO:
    44 KIAS - Stall Speed (Landing configuration)
  5. Vs:
    50 KIAS - Stall Speed (Clean Configuration)
  6. Va @ 2440 lb:
    111 KIAS
  7. Vno:
    126 KIAS  Maximum Structual Speed - Do not exceed this speed except in smooth air
  8. Vne:
    160 KIAS Never Exceed Speed (VNE) - Do not exceed this speed in any operation and then only with caution.
  9. Vfe:
    103 KIAS Maximum Flaps Extended Speed - Do not exceed this speed with Flaps extended
  10. Best Glide:
    73 KIAS
  11. What is the Engine Model Number?
  12. What is the rated horsepower and at what RPM?
    160 @ 2700 RPM
  13. What type of Engine is it?
    Horizontally Opposed, Air Cooled
  14. Who manufacturers the Engine?
  15. Describe the propeller?
    Fixed Pitch Propeller with two blades
  16. Who manufactures the propeller?
  17. What is the maximum and minimum  prop diameter?
    74" maximum and 72" minimum
  18. What type of propeller is it?
    Fixed Pitch Propeller
  19. Fuel capacity total:
    50 gallons,  Unusable:  2 Gallons
  20. What is the minimum octane allowed?
    100 - Green or 100 LL - Blue (Aviation Grade)
  21. Where are the fuel tanks located?
    In the wings
  22. When the tanks are filled to the tabs, approximately how much fuel is in the tank?
    17 Gallons
  23. How many fuel pumps are in the aircraft?
  24. Specify types?
    Engine Driven and auxiliary electrical pump is provided in case of failure of engine driven pump
  25. Where is the fuel selector located?
    The fuel tank selector is located on the left side panel forward of the pilot seat
  26. What are the various positions of the fuel selector?
    Fuel Off, Left Tank, Right Tank
  27. What is the minim and maximum oil capacity?
    Minimum 6, Max 8
  28. Max Takeoff Weight:
  29. Max Ramp Weight:
  30. Describe the stall warning system:
    An approaching stall is indicated by an audible alarm located behind the instrument panel
  31. When does the stall warning horn activate?
    The indicator activates between 5 and 10 knots above stall speed
  32. What type of flaps does the warrior have?
    Manually controlled flaps
  33. What as the various flap settings?
    Flaps maybe extend 10, 25, and 40 Degrees
  34. Describe the Landing Gear on the Warrior
    Fixed Gear Landing System
  35. What type of shocks are used on the landing gear?
    3 air-oil type struts
  36. What is the tire pressure in the main gear?
  37. Nose gear?
  38. What type of braking system does the warrior use?
    Single disc hydraulic brakes
  39. Where is the brake fluid serviced?
    The brake fluid reservoir is installed on the top  left front face of the fire wall
  40. How many engine cylinders are on the PA28-161?
  41. Is the engine fuel ejected or carburetor?
  42. How s ignition provided to the engine?
    Electrical starter
  43. How are the engine cylinder arranged?
    Horizontally opposed
  44. Describe the electrical system of the Warrior?
    The electrical system includes a 14-volt, 60 amp alternator, a 12-volt battery and a voltage regulator, an over voltage relay and master switch relay
  45. What type and grade of oil is used in the engine?
    Oil Viscosity various based on the Ambient Temp

    • Above 60f  S.A.E. 50
    • 30f - 90f    S.A.E. 40
    • 0f - 70f      S.A.E. 30
    • below 10f   S.A.E. 20
  46. What is the normal PSI range?  What is the maximum PSI?
    • Normal:  60 PSI to 90 PSI
    • Maximum:  100 PSI
  47. What are the indications of a failed alternator?
    Loss of alternator output is detected through zero reading on the ammeter
  48. Will the engine continue to run with the alternator and battery master switches turned off?
    Yes the magnetos will provide their own electrical power
  49. The over voltage protection is set to how many volts?
    16.5 volts
  50. List some of the high drain electrical items?
    Landing Lights, Anti Collision Lights, Fuel Pump
  51. What is the battery amperage and voltage on a Warrior?
    14-volt, 60 amp
  52. What is the maximum allowable RPM drop when performing magneto check?
  53. What is the maximum differential RPM drop?
  54. Describe the vacuum system?
    The vacuum system is designed to operate the air driven gyro instruments
  55. What instruments are vacuum operated?
    The directional and attitude gyros
  56. What are the normal vacuum operating limits?
    5.0 +- Hg
  57. How many vacuum pumps does the Warrior have?
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