Religious Experience

  1. What is a religious experience?
    a person's experience of something - presence or power - beyond themselves

    • Hard to explain - 'ineffable' 
    • By permission of God
    • Insight into something beyond everyday world
  2. Types of Religious Experience: Prayer
    • Communication with the divine
    • increased knowledge and relationship with God
    • answered prayers 
    • meditation, getting closer, not always asking for something
  3. Types of Religious Experience: Conversion
    • One belief to another
    • changed life and lifestyle
    • may happen over many years
    • St Paul
  4. Types of Religious Experience: Miracles
    • Break laws of science
    • God must have done it
  5. Types of Religious Experience: Quasi Sensory Phenomena
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • olfactory
    • tactile
  6. Types of Religious Experience: Charismatic
    • speaking in tongues
    • gifts of prophecy and knowledge
    • visions
    • God speaks to them
  7. Types of Religious Experience: Mystical
    "either a strange fantasy or a glimpse into the eternal relationship of things" - Otto

    • presence and one with divine
    • ineffable
    • Noetic - insight into truths beyond intellect
  8. Why Religious Experiences Come about: Solitude
    The state or situation of being alone

    • Allow the mind to be focused
    • Discipline of spiritual connection, making room for God
    • May make us feel helpless like a child ⇒ looking for a father like figure
  9. Why Religious Experiences Come about: Crisis
    • Times of intense difficulty or danger
    • Bring us closer to God
  10. Why Religious Experiences Come about: Nature
    The Physical natural world and all that is in it

    • We feel a part of something bigger
    • Awe and wonder - Numinous
  11. Why Religious Experiences Come about: Holy People
    • People that have advanced religious knowledge
    • e.g. Jesus, Dalai Lama 
    • Are a source of Religious Experience for others
    • Gurus give guidance in Hinduism to help people achieve Moksha/Enlightenment 
  12. Why Religious Experiences Come about: Mediated
    wanted or provoked by something
  13. Why Religious Experiences Come about: Unmediated
    Not expected, everyday circumstances
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