Ustep3 day 12

  1. triad of too
    • calcification
    • hydrocephalus
    • chorioretinitis
  2. how do you get too
    • infected meat
    • gardening
    • cat feces
    • goat milk
  3. mono like illness + cat in the house
  4. rx for toxo
    toxo + sulfadiazine
  5. varicella presentation in the neonate
    • zigzag skin lesions
    • limb hypoplasia
    • microcephaly
    • micropthalmia
    • chorioretinitis
    • cataracts
  6. post exposure prophylaxis for varicella
    Ig within 10 days
  7. Rx for maternal varicella
    Rx for neonatal varicella
    • oral acyclovir and big
    • IV acyclovir and Ig
  8. Blueberry rash is seen with what infection
  9. congenital deafness with what virus
  10. what is the post exposure prophylaxis for rubella
    there is nothing
  11. what 2 meds are given at birth
    • erythromycin eye drops
    • Vit K
  12. what 3 tests are screened fro in new born
    • PKU
    • Galactosemia
    • Hypothyroidism
  13. what do you give if mother has Hep B ag
    vaccine and IVIg
  14. mongolian spots
    blue macule on lower back
  15. White papule with erythematous base
    erythema toxicum
  16. port wine stain vs hemangioma
    hemangioma regresses eventually
  17. port wine stain presents with what disorder
    sturge weber-- evaluate for seizures
  18. what disorder can give aniridia
    WIlms tumor
  19. what is the charge syndrome
    • coloboma
    • heart defects
    • atresia of the coin
    • Retardation of growth
    • genitourinary abnormalities
    • Ear abnormalities
  20. pre-auricular tags/pits are associated with?
    hearing test
  21. how often do you screen for renal tumor in films tumor
    q3 months
  22. mass lateral to midline
    branchial cleft cyst
  23. branchial cleft cyst vs thyroglossal cyst
    • thyroglossal is midline
    • branchial is lateral
  24. what must be done after surgery for thyroglossal duct
    thyroid scans
  25. Gi tract protrusion thru umbilicus in a sac?
    protrusion lateral to umbilicus without sac
    • omphalocele
    • gastrocele
  26. what chromosome abnormalities are present with omphalocele
    trisomy 13, 18, 21
  27. Umbilical hernia in a neonate is associated with what
  28. epispadiasis is associated
    blades exstrophy
  29. most common inguinal hernia
  30. macrosomia is associated with what maternal condition
  31. infants of diabetic mothers are hypo or hyper when they are born
  32. cardiac abnormalities associated with DM
    ASD, VSD, trunks arteriosus

    small left colon
  33. abnormalities with infants of diabetic mothers
    • hypoglycemia
    • hypocalcemia
    • hypomagnesemia
    • high bili
    • polycythemia
  34. best initial test for respiratory distress in newborn
    • CXR
    • then glucose
    • cbc
    • abg
    • cultures
    • cranial ultrasound
  35. hypoxia does not improve with oxygen, next step
    rule out cardia conditions
  36. best initial treatment for respiratory distress in new born
    • oxygen-CPAP
    • empiric antibiotics
  37. RDS presentation
    • hypoxemia
    • hypercapnia
    • rest acidosis
  38. how do RDS and pneumonia look on CXR
    the same
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