USTEP3 day 11

  1. Physiologic jaundice appears how soon after birth
    after 24 hours
  2. what RBC disorders would not presents in the first few days and why
    • sickle cell
    • thalasseemia
    • hemoglobin C, before they all have hgb F
  3. assymetry in funnel plot suggests what
    pubication bias
  4. increasing the sample size of a study does what to the confidence interval
    it decreases it
  5. most typical lab anromality in an alcoholic liver disease patient
    AST elevation> ALT
  6. Molluscum contagiosum in an adult, should prompt testing for what
  7. Cause of meconium ileus
  8. when is 6 minute walk test and PFTs done
    • in lung resection
    • ¬†to establish cause of dyspnea and to control it
  9. common causes of mental status changes
    • UTI
    • Pneumonia
    • electrolytes
    • strokes
    • thyroid/cortisol
  10. how are breast massess approached in women <30 vs >30
    • <30- ultrasound
    • >30- mammogram
  11. left ventricular apical aneurysm in absence of CAD is pathognomic for
  12. rx for cat and human bites
    • amoxaccilin clavulanic acid
    • doxy if PRN allergy
  13. hydrophobia is a mark of what
  14. hx for possible rabies contact
    IgG and vaccine
  15. how long does a trial of antidepressant should last
    6 weeks
  16. Primary work up of a thyroid cancer
    neck and lymph node ultrasound
  17. screening in Tuberus sclerosis
    • MRI to look at hemartomas
    • EEG to start antiepileptics
  18. cause of death in patients with Tuberous sclerosis
  19. who gets treatement despite no symptoms
    • pregnant
    • urologic procedures
    • hip arrhtoplasty
  20. dx for suspected renal colic
    • ultrasound
    • MRI
  21. blood glucose target in peripartum period
    <126 to avoid hypoglycemia
  22. how to manage NPH and long acting lantus in peripartum period
    • keep NPH
    • reduce lantus by 50%
  23. what do you screen in pts with bucuspid aortic valve
    for other aortic abnormalities
  24. myosin mutation occurs in what dz
  25. multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome
  26. step up from SVC to RA
    step up from RA to RV
    RV to PA
    • ASD
    • VSD
    • PDA
  27. TOF
    • pulmonic stenosis
    • RV outflow obstruction
    • Overritiding aorta
    • RVH
    • VSD
  28. tick induced paralysis vs GBS
    • tick is fast-hours to days
    • GBS-days to weeks
  29. rx for GBS
    • plasma exchange
    • IV immunoglobulin
  30. rx for pregnancy HIV women
    zamuvidine and lamuvidine + efavirenz after 8th week, if already on it, keep it
  31. side effect of efavirenz in pregnancy
  32. contraindications to breast feeding
    • HIV
    • herpetic breast lesions
    • active tb
    • chemo or datioation¬†
    • drugs eoth
    • Varicella recent
  33. how long should infants receive prophylaxis for AIDS after birth
    6 weeks
  34. management of a women who wants to quit tobacco
    counsel first
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