USTEP3 Day 10

  1. symptoms of ACL injury
    • joint instability
    • hemathrosis
    • popping sensation
  2. what knee injury presents with locking or catching sensation
    meniscal tear
  3. which of the knee pathologies present with hemathrosis and major knee instability
  4. what is lumbago
    low back pain
  5. Best test for Spinal stensosis
  6. first step in treating allergic rhinitis
    • avoidance
    • corticosteroids
  7. dry mouth, dry eyes syndrome
  8. increase or decrease thyroxine in pregnant patients with hypothyroid
  9. mitochondrial inheritance of what disease
    leber hereditary optic neuropathy and mitochondrial encephalopathies
  10. poisoning with garlic like odor
    RBC cholinesterase
  11. doxorubicin is toxic in what manner
    in that it is cumulative
  12. bronchitis cough lasts how long
    1 week to 3 weeks
  13. Prolactinoma with compressive symptoms, management
    dopamine agonist
  14. what increases first when you supplement iron in IDA
    • retic count in 1-2 weeks
    • Hgb and Htc in 4 weeks
  15. Mentzer index in IDA, thalassemia
    • >13
    • <13
  16. what develops first arthritis or carditis in rheumatic disease
  17. jones criteria for RF
    • arthritis
    • carditis
    • nodules
    • Eryethema marginatum
    • sydenham chorea
  18. Rx for syndenham corrhea
    PCN untill adulthood
  19. indication for abx for recurrent UTI
    • >2 in 6 months
    • >3 in 1 year
  20. how to help excrete aspirin
    alkalinization of the urine
  21. rx for catatonia
  22. Rx for NMS
  23. RX for EPS
  24. catatonia vs cataplexy
    • catatonia- cannot move
    • cataplexy- loss of muscle tone
  25. what is important to prescribe along with chronic corticosteroid
    vitamin D and calcium
  26. when should you assess for success of HAART
    after 6 months, CD4 should be <50
  27. malunion is seen in whom. Nonunion is seen in whom
    • malunion-children
    • non-union-adults
  28. MOst common type of Renal injury in SLE
    type IV-diffuse proliferative
  29. markers to monitor for SLE activity
    complement and anti-dsDNA
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USTEP3 Day 10
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