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  1. intention

    "That's the intention of the board of directors,"
    something that you want and plan to do:

    He's full of good intentions, but he never does anything about them!
  2. to weigh 

    He might weigh Vietnam's request to fully lift the embargo on arms trade.
    weigh verb (CONSIDER)B2 [T] to carefully consider,especially by comparing facts orpossibilities, in order to make adecision:

    Economic benefits must be carefullyweighed against the possible dangers ofhandling radioactive waste.
  3. contaminate (v) 

    He will also be interested in investing in young people, including the inaguration of Fulbright university in Vietnam, dealing with legacy of war including removing unexplored bombs, returning remains of soldiers and remediating sites contaminated by dioxin, according to a media briefing by the U.S. embassy last week.
    to make something less pure or make it poisonous:Much of the coast has been contaminated by nuclear waste.The food which had been contaminated was destroyed.
  4. a lobster farm

    Located in Cam Ranh Bay and nicknamed Lobster Island, Binh Ba is definitely a paradise for seafood lovers where almost every household has a lobster farm
  5. grill (v)
    The most famous lobster recipe here is grilled with cheese
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