Modified Wordly Wise Lesson 17

  1. to direct one's words to
    address (verb)

    The head of the honor society addressed the whole student body.
  2. to apply oneself to something
    address (verb)

    As soon as Mrs. Lu finishes solving one problem, she has to address a new one.
  3. a written or spoken speech
    address (noun)

    President Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address on an envelope.
  4. the place where someone lives or receives mail
    address (noun)

    Let the post office know if you change your address.
  5. to think well of; to agree to
    approve (verb)

    My friend Luke approved my choice of video game to play.
  6. thinking well of; agreeing to
    approval (noun)

    My parents' approval is important to me.
  7. a person who is older
    elder (noun)

    Sometimes we can learn a lot from our elders just by observing the way they live their lives.
  8. someone people look up to because of age and experience
    elder (noun)

    The elders of the village met to decide what to do about the increasing number of tourists.
  9. older
    elder (adjective)

    My elder brother is a senior in high school.
  10. to travel with; to guide or protect a person
    escort (verb)

    When her husband was away, Anna asked her brother to escort her to the play.
  11. one or more persons who travel with or guide/protect a person
    escort (noun)

    the president always has a police escort when he travels by car.
  12. healthy; strong
    hearty (adjective)

    Grandpa liked to boast that at the age of eighty-five, he still had a hearty appetite at every meal.
  13. satisfying and full of flavor; tasty
    hearty (adjective)

    The hearty vegetable chili hit the spot on a cold day.
  14. friendly and enthusiastic
    hearty (adjective)

    Uncle Pete gave a hearty chuckle when my little brother told a joke.
  15. to breathe in
    inhale (verb)

    I tried to catch my breath by inhaling deeply several times.
  16. to deserve
    merit (verb)

    The students' ideas for changes in the sports program merit careful study by the school board.
  17. good qualities; worth
    merit (noun)

    David's teacher thought his fund-raising idea had merit and asked him to explain it to the class.
  18. the actual facts
    merits (plural noun)

    The judge said to forget what we'd heard on television and judge the case on its merits.
  19. not generous
    stingy (adjective)

    Amy is too stingy to share her candy with anyone.
  20. to call or send for
    summon (verb)

    My father summoned me over to the phone.
  21. to call forth; to gather
    summon (verb)

    I summoned all my courage and walked out on the stage.
  22. full of courage; brave
    valiant (adjective)

    The firefighters were honored for their valiant deeds.
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