Sir George

  1. Pop:(slaps him on the shoulder ; He recoils in considerable distasted) Having a good time Sir George? Enjoying the gymkhana? What about the Donkey Derby old man? Bit of a lark. Livened things up.  Perfick. I always say these gymkhanas want livening up a bit.
  2. Pop too much solemn eye about a lot of it. Fond mammas gnashing teeth because little Trixie didn't win the trot and canter-by the way where's your daughter tonight. Not here?
    • Lives in London now. 
    • Chelsea.
  3. Pop: Working?
    Gone over to art.
  4. Pop: Art? Who's he?
    • Wants to be a painter.
    • Dreadful affair.
  5. Pop: Oh! I get you. By the way.......(Mariette and Mr Charlton break in to conversation) .......... Mariette: Oh! my lord. Charly, where are you? Charley.
    • Who is that young man?
    • He seems unusually excited.
  6. Pop: Young friend of ours. Staying with us on sick leave.  Here did he call me sir?
    Rather fancy he did.
  7. Pop: Can't feel well.  Too much champagne, I expect.
    Probably want's to borrow some money.
  8. Pop: Think so?  Well as long as it's nothing serious. Cigar?
    • Given up smoking. 
    • Can't afford it.
    • Iniquitous price.
    • Either that or whisky. 
    • Couldn't give up both. t
  9. Pop: don't mind if I do? (lights up and taps Sir George on shoulder addressing him fraternally) ...Sir George, what about that little suggestion I made the other day? You know, about selling Gore Court?
    Unthinkable man.
  10. Pop: Cash, Ready Freddy.  Tax free.
    • Unthinkable I tell you.
    • Out of the question.
  11. Pop: But you don't live in the dame thing.
    That, Larkin, is hardly the point.
  12. Like having a television set you never look at.
    • (With acid severity)
    • I have no television set.
  13. Pop: Tell you what I'll go up £500.
    Quite unthinkable.
  14. Pop: I'll make it £9000. At present rate of tax that's equal to about-well I douno_about hundred thousand.
    • (servely)
    • Larkin
    • setting aside the fact that I do not wish,
    • have no intention of and am not considering selling Gore Hall
    • at any price,
    • what may I ask would you do with it if you had it?
  15. Pop: Pull the ruddy thing down.
    • (he remains speechless for some seconds)
    • I was born in that house.
    • I think I will have that cigar after all. Thank you.
  16. Pop: Corse.  Have a couple.
    • (With fidgid dignity he selects a cigar then puts it to his nose)
    • Havana eh? (He savers the fragrance as Mariette and Charley head towards the woods)
    • Larking, do you know what I think?
    • I think that young man is trying to elope with your daughter.
  17. Pop: I would not put that past him.
    Extraordinary behaviour.
  18. Pop: Couldn't say boo to a goose when he first came here. That reminds me. Can I send you up a couple of geese on Sunday, old man? Got some nice young fat ones.  No trouble. Ready plucked...
    Mss Pilchester: Oh! there you are, I have been trying to get near you all evening.
    (With her arrival, Sir George obligations are over and he departs.)
  19. Later: Lady Blurr-Gore: On the contrary.  I've so often wanted to pull the bloody thing down.
    (Walks across the yard with the Brigadier)
  20. Brigadier:  I've nothing to invest.  Not a bean. I'm out of touch.
  21. Brigadier: .....I've given up.  I've surrounded.
    (They walk into the house.)
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