Ustep3 day 8

  1. in a traumatic LP what is the WBC to RBC ratio
    • WBC: RBC
    • 1:700
  2. chance of kid getting Type 1DM if mother has Type 1DM?
    Father has type 1 DM
    • 3% if mother has it
    • 6% if father has it
  3. location of pain in rotator cuff tendonitits
    acromioclavicular and glenohumeral joint oa/bicep tendonitis
    • lateral shoulder
    • anterior shoulder
  4. rotator cuff tendonitis is aggrevated by what movments
    external rotation and abduction
  5. pressure diagnostic of compartment syndrome
  6. cutaneous evidence for HIV infection
    new onset seborrheic dermatitis on the face or axilla
  7. amaurosis fugax is due to ?
    disease of carotid artery
  8. best measeure of central tendency in a skewed distributions
  9. what is the pattern of mean, median, mode in a negative skewed
    positive skewed
    • negative- mean<median<mode
    • postiive-mean>median>mode
  10. how do you test for lactose intolerance
    fast for 8 hours prior to test,
  11. how do you give perinatal steroids to mothers for tocolysis
  12. Rx for sulfonylurea overdose
    octerotide which stops insulin secretion
  13. when do you admit patients with depression and suicide ideation
    if its only ideation and no clear intent or plan
  14. first best test with polycythemia
    epo level
  15. work up of polycythemia after carboxyhemoglobin is ruled out and lung disease is unlikely
    noctural oximetry to look for sleep apnea and obesity hypovenitlation syndrome
  16. self resolving erythematous plaques
    chronic urticaria
  17. rx for chronic urticaria
    • 1st gen antihistamine, if refractory add another
    • then add H2 if refractory
    • if refractory add steroids
  18. chronic urticaria resolves when
    within 5 years
  19. which antibiotics increase bilirubin
    ceftriaxone and TMPSMX
  20. which abx can elevate ALP and cause highbili
  21. how does malignant otitis externa present
    otitis externa symptoms + granulation tissue
  22. rx for malignant otitis externa
    iv abx vs topical for uncomplicated otitis externa
  23. adolescent prenancies have high risk for multiple perinatal complications except for
    congential malformations
  24. which procedures require endocarditis prophylaxis
    • dental with gingiva tissue manipulation
    • respiratory tract procedures
    • active GI or GU procedures
  25. indicaitons for endocarditis prophylaxis
    • prosthetic heart valves
    • prior endocarditis
    • cyanotic and repaire cyanoic heart defects
    • cardiac transplant with valuvlar disease
  26. pruritic cholestasis is suggetive of what disease
  27. rx for PBC
    ursodeoxycolic acid
  28. major complication of PBC
  29. lfts pattern with PBC vs autoimmune hepatitis
    • PBC has ALP
    • Autoimmune hepatitis has transaminases
  30. when do u treat acute hep B
    • concomittant hep C, 
    • fulminant presentation
    • immunosuppresion
  31. what do you give for prophyalxis against hep b
    hep B immunoglobulin and vaccine
  32. risk of progression from acute to chronic forms in infantsn with hep B?
    adults with hep B 
    adults with hep C
    • 90%
    • 5%
    • 50%
  33. condition in HIV pts on HAART that resembles cushings syndrome
    hiv lipodystrophy due to insulin resistance
  34. rx for high TG <500
    • <500- statin or niacin
    • >500 gemfibrozil
  35. when do u do HD for lithium toxicity
    • level > 4
    • >2.5 with symptoms or renal failure
  36. how is warfarin managed in pregnancy
    stopped in 1st trimester and right before delivery and patient is managed with LMWH
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