Pituitary and Hypothalamic Drugs

  1. desmopressin
    • long-acting ADH analogue
    • well absorbed from the nasal mucosa
    • used to treat hyposecretion of ADH (central diabetes insipidus)
  2. bromocriptine mesylate
    • dopamine agonist
    • used in the treatment of hyperprolactinemia¬†
    • lowers prolactin levels in 70-100% of pts
  3. pegvisomant
    • growth hormone receptor antagonist
    • binds to only one site of GH receptor, blocking receptor dimerization
    • used in the treatment of acromegaly
  4. histrelin and leuprolide
    • synthetic GnRH agonists
    • continual stimulation of pituitary gonadotrophs decreases release of LH and FSH (to a lesser extent)
    • more stable than natural GnRH
    • used in treatment of precocious puberty
  5. anastrozole and testolactone
    • non-steroidal aromatase inhibitors
    • can be used in the treatment of progressive precocious puberty
  6. ketoconazole
    • inhibitor of androgen synthesis
    • may be used in treatment of progressive precocious puberty
    • adverse effects: hepatotoxicity and may cause renal insufficiency)
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