Psych Test 3, S2016

  1. Groups
    • Two or more people that interact with each other in order to reach the goal through influence from each other.
    • Tend to be similar, in age, sex, opinions etc.
  2. Benefits of Groups
    Important source of information, as well as an important aspect of identity that helps us define who we are and how distinct we are from other people
  3. Deindividuation
    • The loosening of normal constraints on behavior when people cannot be differentiate, like in a crows, which leads to an increase in impulsive and deviant acts.
    • People feel less accountable
  4. Group Polarization
    The tendency for groups to make decisions that are more extreme than the initial inclinations of its members
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Psych Test 3, S2016
Psych Test 3, S2016