Lab Practical #2 (Models)

  1. Uvula
    Prevents premature/unwanted swelling
  2. Tongue
    Taste/grip and manipulation of food
  3. Salivary Glands
    Produces mucus
  4. Esophagus
    Food transport
  5. Stomach
    Agitates and breaks apart food
  6. Rugae
    Allows distension of stomach
  7. Duodenum
    Mixes digestive enzymes
  8. Plica Circulares
    Mixes stomach contents and digestive enzymes
  9. Jejunum
    Digestion and absorption
  10. Ileum
    Nutrient absorption
  11. Pancreas
    Releases digestive enzymes
  12. Liver
    Produces bile
  13. Gall Bladder
    Concentrates bile
  14. Large Intestine
    Water reabsorption
  15. Ileocecal Valve
    Prevents backflow in large intestine
  16. Rectum
    Passageway for waste
  17. Eustachian Tube Openings
    Drainage and pressure relief form middle ear
  18. Larynx
    Voice production
  19. Epiglottis
    Prevents consumed objects entering respiratory tract
  20. Vocal Folds
    Produces speech/sounds
  21. Trachea
    Transports air to bronchus
  22. Trachea/Tracheal Rings
    Prevents over-expansion or collapse of trachea
  23. Diaphragm
    Creates respiratory pressure
  24. Glomerulus
  25. PCT
    Reabsorption of 70% of filtrate
  26. DCT
    Reabsorption of sodium
  27. Collecting Duct
    Recieves and transports filtrate
  28. Ureter
    Carries urine to the blader
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Lab Practical #2 (Models)
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