Ustep3 day 7

  1. are atypical anti-psychotics fda approved for dementia related psychosis
  2. What is important when dealing with patients over 18 yo who have cognitive impairment
    to determine gaurdianship
  3. 2 factors associated with request for euthanasia
    hopelessness and depressive symptoms
  4. in mothers with peripartum cardiomyopathy what is the best test to assess prognosis prior to next pregnancy
    assess LVEF via TTE
  5. MCC of pneumonia in HIV patient
    S. pneumoniae
  6. what is a surrogate end point
    test, marker, physical finding used for clinically meaningfull endpoints
  7. likelihood of lung ca after positive CT scan of chest
  8. MCC of hearing loss in elderly
  9. what must a doc do when parterning with a pharmaceutical company
    accept payment, full discolose partners, decline slides
  10. rH incompatibility occurs only when
    mother is rH negative and father is positive
  11. when is skeletal survey done for MM
    at time of diagnosis
  12. DIC is usually associated with what type pf cancer?
    leukoema AML
  13. which myoclonal gammopathy is associated with hyperviscosity syndrome
  14. rx for cryoglobulinemia
    anti-viral therap
  15. most sensitive study for detection of osteronecrosis?
  16. risk factor for osteonecrosis
    steroid use> 20mg daily and etoh use
  17. mild osteonecrosis and advanced osteonecrosis rx
    • mild- core decompression
    • severe- ¬†total hip replacement
  18. contraindication to MMR
    • allergy to gelatin and neomycin
    • immunosuppression
    • pregnancy
  19. most common occurence after MMR
  20. indication for surgical ligation and stripping for varicose veins
    recurrent ulcer, thrombophlebitis, bleeding
  21. 1st step in management of symptomatic varicose veins
    leg compressing and elevation
  22. PEP prophylaxis after HIV exposure
    tenofovir, emtricitabine + raltegravir
  23. negative birefringent needle shaped crystals
  24. 1st line rx for  acute gout
  25. when is colchicine give for acute gout
    contraindications to NSAIDS
  26. when is barium enema used for intussusception
    never, use air enema
  27. whats responsible for iron overload in thalassemia major
  28. why should SERMS(tamoxifen or raloxifene be stopped before surgery
    bc they both predispose to venous thrombosis
  29. what meds should be held on day of surgery
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