Ustep3 day 5

  1. Diff between precocious puberty(early activation of HPG axis and pre-cocious pseudo-puberty
    precocious pseudopuberty has small testes and is more rapid in onset than true precocious puberty
  2. when is plamapharesis done for CML
    symptoms due to hyperviscosity and WBC count of around 400,000
  3. recurrent abdominal mass
    desmoid tumor
  4. site of occurence of dermatofibroma vs desmoid tumor
    • desmoid on the belly
    • dermatofibroma on the extremeties
  5. RBC in glomerulonephritis
  6. what is the rule of 10 for cleft palata
    • 10 weeks
    • 10 lbs
    • 10grams of hgb
  7. recurrence of cleft palate in future pregnancies
    50 %
  8. van der woude syndrome
    familial cleft palate
  9. cushings triad
    • bradycardia
    • respiratory depression
    • HTN
  10. rx for compressing retrosternal thyroid goiter
  11. first step in suspected epstein barr virus
    monospot, if negative get ebv antibodies
  12. rx for dyspnea in infectious mono
  13. #1 cause ofr Postpartum hemorrhage
    uterine atony-uterine massage and oxytocin
  14. rx for hyperthyroidism in pregnacy
    • ptu in 1st trimester
    • methimazole in 2nd and 3rd
  15. Refractory HF optimized on BB, ACEI, spironolactone, euvolemic
    hydralazine and isosorbide dinitrate
  16. papules and vesicles surround the umbilicus
    herpes gestationis
  17. Herpes gestationis vs PUPPP
    PUPPP does not affect the periumbilical area
  18. Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy RX
    ursodeoxycolic acid
  19. typically the right answer choice for rx for pruritus in pregnancy
    H2 blockers and topical steroids
  20. side effects of IV pentamidine
    • hypo and hyperkalemia
    • hypo and hyper glycemia
    • hypo-calcemia
  21. if father is affected in an x-linked disease and mother is normal, not carrier what is the chance of kids having disease
  22. if mother is a carrier and father is normal for an x-linked disease, what is the chance of kids being affected
    son have 50% chance of being affected
  23. rx for human bite
    amoxacillin clavulanic acid
  24. rx for cluster headaches
  25. best abortive therapy for cluster headache
    100 % O2
  26. most important plan for patients with ADPKD
    controll BP
  27. who do u scrren for anuerysm in tehbrain for ADPKD
    those with +fH for subarachnoid hemorrhage
  28. most common extra-renal manifestation of ADPKD
    hepatic cysts
  29. ADPKD or ESRD has high incidence of colonic diverticula
  30. how do u screen family for ADPKD
  31. how to differentiate between congential adrenal hyperplasia
    • 17 has HTN and no virilization
    • 21 no HTN but virilization
    • 11 has HTN and virilation
  32. all CAH have what
    • high ACTH
    • low cortisol and aldosterone
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