CH 11 Properties of Hair & Scalp

  1. scientific study of hair
  2. Greek word "trichos" means:
  3. _____ system: hair, skin, and nails
  4. part of hair located under epidermis
    hair root
  5. thicken bulb-like structure on lower part of hair root
    hair bulb
  6. small, cone shaped elevation located at the base of the hair follicle that fits into the hair bulb
    dermal papilla
  7. The sabaceous glands secrete a fatty or an oily substance called
  8. oil glands secretes ____ and lubricates skin
  9. responsible for creating the shine and the smooth, silky feel of healthy hair
    hair cuticle
  10. the hair shaft that emerges is a nonliving fiber composed of...
    keratinized protein
  11. The major elemnts that make up human hair(carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur)
    COHNS elements
  12. units that are joined together end-to-end like pop beads
    amino acids
  13. a long chain of amino acids linked by peptide bonds
    polypeptide chain
  14. side bonds that link polypeptide chains together
    hydrogen, salt, disulfide
  15. side bond that weak, physical; broken by wetting the hair with water
    hydrogen bond
  16. weak, physical, corss-link side bond between adjacent polypeptide chains; they are broken by changes in pH
    salt bond
  17. the lighter pigment that provide natural colors ranging from red and ginger to yellow and blond tones
  18. refers to the shape of the hair strand
    wave pattern
  19. what shape cross-section is curly hair
  20. vellus hair is also known as
  21. 3 phases of growth cycles of hair
    anagen, catagen, telogen
  22. growth phase in which new hair is produced
    anagen phase
  23. resting phase, final phase of hair cycle that last until the fully gown hair is shed
  24. autoimmune disorder that causes the affected hair follicles to be mistakenly attacked by a perosn's own immune system
    alopecia areata
  25. complete body hair loss
    alopecia universalis
  26. beaded hair
  27. brittle hair
    fragilitas crinium
  28. dandruff
  29. severe case of dandruff; greasy/waxy scales mixed with sebum that stick to scalp in crusts accompanied by redness and inflammation
    seborrheic dermatitis
  30. ringworm
  31. tinea is caused by
    fungal organisms
  32. characterized by dry, sulfur-yellow, cuplike crusts on the scalp
  33. tinea favosa
    dry sulfur-yellow, cuplike crusts on the scalp
  34. infestation of the hair and scalp with head lice
    pediculosis capitis
  35. boil, an acuted localized bacterial infection
  36. hair diameter that requires more processing
  37. ability for the hair to absorb moisture
  38. chemical services performed on hair with low porositt require
    more alkaline solution
  39. abilit of the hair to stretch and return to its original lenth without breaking
  40. hair flowing in same direction
    hair stream
  41. dry hair and scalp should be treated with products that contain moisturizers and ____
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