1. The beginning of the Muslim calendar is the western year
    622 C.E
  2. Islam particularly stresses
    oneness with God
  3. Muhammad was Born and raised in
  4. Islam literally means
  5. Observant Muslims do not allow
  6. which of the following is not typical of Islam?
    belief in a Trinity
  7. The phrase "Five Pillars of Islam" refers to
    essentials of Muslim belief and practice
  8. Islam and Judaism are similar in that they both
    make use of circumcision
  9. Muslims trace themselves back ultimately to what great patriarch?
  10. The Islamic month of fasting is called
  11. The year 1 of the Muslim calendar dates from what event in the life of Muhammad?
    Escape from Mecca to Medina
  12. The sacred book of Islam which gives the sermons of Muhammad is called
  13. The name given to Islamic mysticism is
  14. The branch of Islam that is found primarily in Iran and Iraq us
  15. Which country had a large Muslim population for almost 800 years?
  16. The Shiite branch developed because
    of a disagreement over the line of succession from Muhammad
  17. A memory of what Muhammad said or did is called
  18. At first, before they were instructed to face Mecca for prayer, followers of Muhammad faced what city for prayer?
  19. Muhammad first job was a Shepard. What was his second?
    Caravan driver
  20. Regarding the afterlife, Muslims believe
    in heaven and hell
  21. One of the greatest examples of Islamic Architecture is located in India and is called the
    Taj Mahal
  22. The angel who came to Muhammad during an intense spiritual retreat was
  23. Ramadan is the
    name of the month in which Muhammad received revelation
  24. The month long fast that observant Muslims keep involves
    no eating or drinking of anything during the daylight hours
  25. The minaret is
    a tower used to called Muslims to prayer
  26. Muhammad has his first revelations
    in a cave
  27. During the pilgrimage, men must wear the robe of Abraham, which is
    a two piece robe of white cloth
  28. Part of the pilgrimage ritual involves
    throwing stones at pillars
  29. Muhammad and his followers escaped from Mecca to Medina. This event
    was the turning point, after which Muhammad gained success
  30. At the Kabah, what object is venerated?
    a meteorite sent from above
  31. The major problem with a reliance on hadiths is
    some hadiths do not agree with each other
  32. Literally, the word muslim means a person who
  33. The chanter who calls people to prayer is called
  34. Which son of Abraham is credited with establishing the line of patriarchs leading to Islam?
  35. The Sunni reform movement that for a while took control of Afghanistan is called
  36. The word mosque literally means a place of
  37. The Koran was revealed
    over a 22-23 year period
  38. The counters that have a Shiite majority are
    Iran and Iraq
  39. Malcom X was inspired to see the racial inclusiveness of Islam through the influence of
    a pilgrimage he made to Mecca
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