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  1. a-, an-
    Without, lack of: Aphasia (Lack of speech), Anaerobic (Without Oxygen)
  2. Angio-
    Vessel: Angiography (Radiography of blood vessels)
  3. Anti-
    Against, reversed: Antiperistalsis (Reversed peristalsis)
  4. Auto-
    Self: autolysis (Self breakdown)
  5. Bi-
    Twice, double: bicuspid (two cusps)
  6. Bio-
    Live: biology (study of the living)
  7. -blast
    Bud, germ: fibroblast (fiber-producing cell)
  8. Cardio-
    Heart: cardiopathy (Heart disease)
  9. Cephal-
    Head: cephalic (Towards the head)
  10. Cerebro-
    Brain: cerebrospinal (referring to brain and spinal cord)
  11. Chondr-
    Cartilage: chondrocyte (cartilage cell)
  12. -Clast
    Smash, break: osteoclast (cell that breaks down bone)
  13. Co-, com-, con-
    With, together: coenzyme (molecule that functions with an enzyme), commisure (coming together), convergence (to incline together)
  14. -Cyte-, cyto-
    Cell: erythrocyte (red blood cell), cytoskeleton (supportive fibers inside a cell)
  15. di-
    Two: diploid (two sets of chromosomes)
  16. Ecto-
    On outer side: ectoderm (outer skin)
  17. Endo-
    Within: endometrium (within the uterus)
  18. Epi-
    Upon, on: epidermis (on the skin)
  19. erythro-
    red: erythrocyte (red blood cell)
  20. ex-
    out, away from: exhalation (breathe out)
  21. exo-
    outside, on outer side: exogenous (originating outside)
  22. hist-
    tissue: histology (study of tissues)
  23. homeo-, homo-
    same: homeostasis (state of staying the same), homologous (alike in structure or origin)
  24. Hydro-
    wet, water: hydrocephalus (fluid within the head)
  25. im-
    not: impermeable (not permeable)
  26. inter-
    between: intercostal (between the ribs)
  27. intra-
    within: intraocular (within the eye)
  28. iso-
    equal, the same: isotonic (same tension)
  29. -itis
    inflammation: gastritis (inflammation of the stomach)
  30. leuko-
    white: leukocyte (white blood cell)
  31. -logy
    study: histology (study of tissue)
  32. -lysis
    breaking up, dissolving: glycolysis (breakdown of sugar)
  33. macro-
    large: macrophage (large phagocytic cell)
  34. meso-
    middle, mid: mesoderm (middle skin)
  35. micro-
    small: microorganism (small organism)
  36. myo-
    muscle: myocardium (heart muscle)
  37. osteo-
    bone: osteocyte (bone cell)
  38. para-
    beside, beyond, near to: paranasal (near the nose)
  39. peri-
    around: periosteum (around bone)
  40. -phag
    eat: dysphagia (difficulty eating or swallowing)
  41. poly-
    many, much: polycythemia (excess red blood cells)
  42. -stasis
    stop, stand still: hemostasis (stop bleeding)
  43. sub-
    under: subcutaneous (under the skin)
  44. supra-
    above, upon: suprarenal (above kidney)
  45. sym-,syn-
    together, with: symphysis (growing together), synapsis (joining together)
  46. viscer-
    internal organ: visceromotor (movement of internal organs)
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