comparative religions

  1. bushido (shinto)
    the way of the warrior; the code of coduct for a samurai
  2. canon of the Bible (Christianity)
    official list of the accepted books of the Bible
  3. caste system (hinduism)
    the classes or levels of traditional Hindu society
  4. Confucius
    Chinese philosopher and teacher who lived around 500 BC who tired to solve the problems of his own time using the wisdom of the ancients of China
  5. cosmology (world)
    the understanding the nature of the universe
  6. Convenant (Judaism)
    an agreement and promise between God and people
  7. deacon (Christianity)
    an ordained Church leader who assists the parish ministries
  8. dharma (Hinduism)
    the teaching of the Buddha
  9. Diaspora (Judaism)
    Jews who left Palestine between 200BC and 100AD and settled in other places
  10. Divided Kingdom (Judaism)
    the jewish kingdom splitting in two after Solomon's death
  11. Eastern Orthodoxy (Christianity)
    Catholics who do not accent the pope as the head of the Church
  12. Ecumenism (Christianity)
    the promoting of religious unity
  13. Epistles (Christianity)
    letters from early Church leaders, especially St. Paul
  14. Exodus (Judaism)
    the event of the Jewish people leaving Egypt with Moses
  15. Five Pillars (Islam)
    specific religious and ethical requirements for Muslims. The order and clarity the directiives for living rightously.
  16. gentile (Judaism)
    a person who is not a Jew
  17. gospels (Christianity)
    the four different accounts of the teaching and ministry of Jesus Christ
  18. grace (Christianity)
    God's presence in us that gives us life, and help when we need it
  19. haji (Islam)
    the 5th pillar, the journey of Mecca that all Muslims are to make at least once in their lifetime
  20. Hasidic Jews (Judaism)
    the strictest form of modern Judaism, in which the jewish faith is the main focus of life
  21. Imam (Islam)
    an early successor to Muhammad and leader of Islam believed to have special spiritual insight; an Islamic leadership position, leads prayer
  22. incarnation (Christianity)
    the christian doctrine that in Jesus God became fully human while remaining fully divine
  23. indulgences (Christianity)
    taking away some of the punishment due to us for our sins
  24. intiation ritual (tribal)
    a ceremony through which a person joins a new social, religious, or age group
  25. Isaiah (Judaism)
    propeht who predicted suffering of the messiah
  26. jihad (Islam)
    the general spiritual struggle to be devout Muslim; refers to armed struggle for the sake of Islam, which the Qur'an supports only if it is carried out in self-defense
  27. Ka'Ba (Islam)
    the stone structure in the courtyard of the Great Mosque of Mecca; scared center of the earth, where they turn to pray
  28. Kami (Shinto)
    any people or things that have evoked the wonder of the Japanese. ex: emperors, mountains
  29. karma (Hinduism)
    the moral law of cause and effect
  30. koan (Zen)
    a paradox or verbal puzzle used to trick the mind into enlightenment
  31. Lakota (tribal)
    a native American tribe now living in the southwest part of south dakota
  32. Lao Tzu (Confucius)
    Chinese philosopher who lived in the 500BC and wrote the Tao Te Ching
  33. mandalas (Buddhism)
    symbolic and geometric art that is used for meditation
  34. mantras (Buddhism)
    repeated words or sounds for meditation ('ummmmm')
  35. Martin Luther (Christianity)
    the man who started the Protestant Reformation
  36. martyrs (Christianity)
    persons who die for their (religious) convictions
  37. Messiah (Judaism)
    the future king who would save the Jewish nation from its oppressors
  38. monotheism (world)
    belief in only one god
  39. Moses (Judaism)
    called by God to lead the Jewish slaves out of Eygpt, ten commandments from God, 40 years in the Promised Lands
  40. Mosque (Islam)
    muslim place of worship, education, and information; face towards Mecca
  41. mysticism (world)
    physical things believed to connect the heavens to the earth
  42. myth (world)
    a symbolic story that contains religious truths
  43. Nicene Creed (Christianity)
    (313) the first formal expression of the beliefs of the Christian Church
  44. nirvana (Buddhism)
    our ultimate destination where our individuality will be snuffed
  45. Palestine (Judaism)
    another name for the whole of the ancient jewsih lands
  46. pantheism (world)
    belief that the divine reality exists in everthing
  47. paradox (Taoism)
    a statement that seems illogical or contradictory on the surface, yet holds a deeper truth
  48. Passover (Judaism)
    a special religious meal to protect the Jewish people from the Angel of Death before they left Eygpt , commemorated in a jewish spring holy day
  49. polytheism (world)
    belief in many gods
  50. pope (Christianity)
    the bishhop of Rome, head of the Roman Catholic Church
  51. Protestant (christianity)
    a christian who is not catholic
  52. Qur'an (Islam)
    Islam's primary scared text, direct words of Allah (God)
  53. Rabbi (Judaism)
    teacher of torah and leader of Jewish worship
  54. Ramadan (Islam)
    9th month of Islamic lunar calender; Mulsims fast and no sex
  55. Reform Judaism (Judaism)
    least strict form of modern Judaism
  56. reincarnation (Hinduism)
    coming back to earth again and again to live another life after one dies
  57. revelation (world)
    something you have gone through on your own, rather than learned from others
  58. ritual (world)
    formal worship practice or repeated actions often based on the reenactment of a myth
  59. Sabbath (Judaism)
    Jewish weekly day of rest and prayer
  60. sacrament (christianity)
    the catholic church's 7 rituals through which we experience and celebrate God's presence in our lives.
  61. samurai (Shinto)
    a japanese medieval warrior knight
  62. satori (Zen)
    the Zen experience of enlightenment, a flash of insight in which the true nature of one's being is know directly
  63. Second Vatican Council (Christianity)
    a gathering of the bishops of the Church in the early 1960's to renew the Church and bring it up to date
  64. Shari'a (Islam)
    the divine law, derived from the Qur'an and the Sunna; encompassing all and setting forth in detail how Muslims are to live
  65. Shi'i (Islam)
    the division of Islam dominant in Iraq and Iran (smaller division); a result of a dispute
  66. Shinto (shinto)
    a Japanese religion that honors nature and ancestors
  67. Shiva (Hinduism)
    the destroyer god
  68. Shoah (Judaism)
    Jewish name for the Holocust in which the Nazis killed 6 million Jews
  69. Sufi (Islam)
    An adherent of Sufism (smallest division), the form of Islam characterized by a mystical approach to Allah
  70. Sunni (Islam)
    the largest denomimation of Islam, means the words and action or examples
  71. Synagogue (Judaism)
    place for Jewish worship and prayer
  72. taboo (tribal)
    objects, places, or activities that are forbidden to some people.
  73. Tao (Taoism)
    the way of nature and the universe that we need to live in harmony with. It is almost what Christian would call God (both 3 letters)
  74. Tao Te Ching (Taoism)
    Book of Lao Tzu that describes the power of the Tao and how we can live in harmony with the Tao. It often uses paradoxes.
  75. The Buddha (Buddhism)
    the one who woke up to discover the cause of suffering and how to remove suffering
  76. The Dalai Lama (Buddhism)
    the spiritaul leader of the Tibetan Buddhists
  77. The Exile (Judaism)
    the time when the conquered Jewish people were moved to Babylon
  78. The 4 Noble Truths (Buddhism)
    the centural teachings of Buddhism
  79. The Noble Eighthold Path (Buddhism)
    the 8 basic practices of Buddhism that lead to nirvana
  80. Torah (Judaism)
    the law. the first 5 books of the Bible
  81. totem (tribal)
    something in nature that symbolizes an individual or group
  82. Tradition (Christianity)
    the ongoing and developing official beliefs and practices of the Church
  83. Trickster (tribal)
    a supernatural being who teaches people by disrupting the normal course of life
  84. Trinity (Christianity)
    the Christian doctrine that there are three distinct persons in one God
  85. vision quest (tribal)
    a journey/retreat to an isolated place to seek a vision froma spiritual being or God
  86. wu-wei (Taoism)
    action-less activity, doing w/o trying, yielding to overcome. The main virtue of Taoism
  87. yang (Taoism)
    the active, masculine, heavenly component of the universe (rhymes w/ wang)
  88. yin (Taoism)
    the receptive, feminine, earthly component of the universe
  89. yoga (Hinduism)
    physical and psychological techniques for spiritual advancement
  90. Yom Kippur (Judaism)
    the Day of Atonement, the most important Jewish feast
  91. Zen (Jap. Zen)
    a Japanese style of Buddhism in which reality is experience directly
  92. Zionism (Judahism)
    political movement to support a Jewish homeland country in the Middle East
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