History Potential Exam Questions UK

  1. To what extent were labours problems the main reason for Conservative decline?
    Labour Problems, liberal decline, conservative dominance, National Government
  2. To what extent was there a fundaental change in politics between 1918 and 1945?
    liberal collapse, labour issues, conservative dominance, lack of facism or communism?
  3. To what extent did the post war conseuns exist between 1945 and 79?
    Trade union strikes, opposition ot welfare state, mixed economy, full employment
  4. To what extent was industrial relations the main reason for britains economic decline between 1918 - 1939?
    General Strike 1926, Miners strike 1921, 1920s recession, depression, deline of manufactoring, Wall street crash.
  5. To what extent was industrial relations responsible for britains economic decline dureing the 60s and 70s?
    Strikes, winter of discontent, minsers strike, stop go economics, inflation, uneployment
  6. To what extent were economic changes the main reason for the collapse of the industrial relations during the 60s and 70s?
    Economic weakness, powerful unions, gov't weakness, declining conditions
  7. To what extent did the upper class change between 1918 - 1939?
    Death from ww1, sale of land, National trust, decline of gentry.
  8. To what extent did the working class change between 1918 - 1939?
    Trade union decline, welfare help, leisure activitys, poor housing
  9. To what extent did the class structure of Briatain change from 1918 - 1939?
    Upper class decline, middle class expands, working class the same.
  10. To what extent was there a sexual revolution between 1951 - 1979?
    Liberal legislation, liberal culture, homosexuality, Mary whitehouse and christianuty
  11. To what extent was liberal legislation the main reason for the rise of the sexual revolution?
    Decline of christianity, liberal legislation, liberal culture, homosexuality
  12. To what extent did women gain more freedom between 1918 - 1979?
    Mixed improvements in politics, liberal legislation, more women in work, greater sexual freedom
  13. To what extent did women make inroads in politics between 1918 - 1979?
    Equel franchise act (1926), second world war, womens liberation movement, trade unions
  14. To what extent did race relations improve between 1918 - 1948?
    Anti semitism before ww2, "colour problem", Race in ww2, jobs post ww2 and empire windrush
  15. To what extent were the hottinghill race riots responsible for the declining racial relations between 1958 - 1979?
    Notting hill riots, 1962 commonwealth immigration act, 1968 commonwealth immigration act, race relations act, rise of the far right
  16. How far did living standards improve between 1918 - 1945?
    Rising income, imrpoved health, regional problems (it is worse up north), total war and rationing
  17. To what extent did Britain become a consumer society between 1951 - 1979?
    Rising income, wants and needs (fashion, heating), Rise of super markets, consumer credit
  18. To what extent did poular culture effect society between 1918 - 1979?
    Films more violent and sexual, Rise of television and its cultural impact, youth culture, music ( the beatles)
  19. To what extent was increased free time responislb eof rthe increase in leisure and tourism between 1918 - 1939?
    Holiday with pay act, cheapness of sport, increase in car ownership, rise of butlins
  20. To what extent did leisure and tourism change between 1945 - 1979?
    Rise of cars, decline of trains (caravanning), rise of holidays abroad, decline of sport spectatorship, second world war and holidays
  21. To what extent was increased leisure pursuits the main impact of car ownership between 1951 - 1979?
    Holidays (caravanning), communitng ot work,suburbanisation, out of town shopping
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