Chemistry Chap 1 Terms

  1. Atom
    Smallest particle of an element that can exist
  2. Chemical change
    Process in which one or more substances are converted to one or more new substances
  3. chemical formula
    Describes the composition of a compund using symbols for the elements that make up the compound
  4. chemical property
    Describes what the substance is made up of and what chemical changes it undergoes
  5. chemical reaction
    also known as a chemical change
  6. compound
    Pure substance that consists of two or more elements in definite proportions
  7. density
    ratio of objects mass to its volume
  8. element
    pure substance that cannot be broken down to simpler pure substances even by chemical means
  9. energy
    The capacity to do work
  10. gas
    matter that lacks a defined shape or volume
  11. heterogeneous mixture
    mixture that contains visibly different phases, each with different properties
  12. homogeneous mixture
    mixture that contains only one visibly distinct phase with uniform properties throughout (ie. milk, salt water)
  13. kinetic energy
    energy in motion
  14. liquid
    matter that has a defined volume but takes shape of the container
  15. mass
    measure of the quantity of matter
  16. matter
    anything that has mass and occupies space
  17. metal
    matter that is classified by its shiny luster and conductive to electricity
  18. mixture
    Combination of more than one pure substance in which each retains its own properties and can be separted by physical means
  19. molecule
    combination of elemental units
  20. nonmetal
    piece of matter that is not shiny in luster and not conductive to electricity
  21. physical change
    Process in which a substance changes its appearance but not its chemical composition
  22. physical property
    Characteristic that can be observed without changing the basic composition (chemical identify) of something
  23. physical state
    form matter can take
  24. potential energy
    energy possessed by an object because of its position; stored energy
  25. pure substance
    Definite and constant composition that can't separated by physical means
  26. solid
    matter that has a defined shape and volume
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