Med. Term final

  1. arteriography
    x-ray recording of an artery and its branches after injection of a contrast substance
  2. arthrography
    x-ray examination of the inside of a joint with a contrast medium
  3. cardiac catheterization
    procedure in which a catheter is passed via vein or artery into the chambers of the heart to measure the blood flow out of the heart and the pressures and oxygen content in the heart chambers
  4. cystography
    x-ray recording of the urinary bladder with a contrast medium so that the outline of the urinary bladder can be seen clearly
  5. esophagography
    x-ray recording or record of the esophagus performed after barium sulfate is swallowed
  6. gallbladder ultrasound
    sound waves are used to visualize gallstones
  7. hysterosalpingography
    x-ray recording of the uterus and fallopian tubes
  8. myelography
    x-ray recording of the spinal chord after injection of contrast
  9. ultrasonography
    images are produced by beaming high frequency sound waves into the body and capturing the echoes that bounce off organs
  10. urography
    x-ray recording of the kidney and the urinary tract
  11. amniocentesis
    surgical procedure to remove fluid from the amnion that
  12. arthrocentesis
    puncture to remove fluid from a joint
  13. auscultation
    process of listening to sounds produced within the body, typically performed with a stethoscope
  14. bronchoscopy
    visual examination of the bronchial passages through a flexible tube inserted into the airway
  15. catheterization
    introduction of a hollow, flexible tube into a vessel or cavity of the body to withdraw or instill fluids
  16. colposcopy
    inspection of the vagina and cervix through a special microscope inserted into the vagina
  17. conization
    removal of a cone-shaped sample of uterine cervix tissue, which is examined with a microscope for evidence of cancerous growth
  18. digital rectal examination
    the physician inserts a gloved finger into the patients rectum to detect rectal cancer and/or prostate cancer
  19. esophagogastroduodenoscopy
    visual examination of the esophagus, stomach, and the first part of the small intestine using an endoscope
  20. esophagoscopy
    visual examination of the esophagus performed through an endoscope inserted into the mouth or down the throat - detects ulcers, tumors, and other lesions
  21. laparoscopy
    examination of the abdominal cavity through an endoscope inserted into the abdomen
  22. laryngoscopy
    visual examination of the voice box through an endoscope inserted down the trachea - reveals tumors and changes in the voice
  23. lumbar puncture
    introduction of a hollow needle into a space surrounding the spinal cord to withdraw fluid for analysis
  24. otoscopy
    a physician uses an otoscope inserted into the ear canal to check for obstructions, infection, fluid and eardrum perforation
  25. palpation
    examination by touch, doctor feels underlying tissues and organs through the skin
  26. percussion
    technique of striking part of the boy with short sharp taps of the fingers to determine the size, density, and position of the underlying parts by the sound obtained
  27. phlebotomy
    puncture of a vein to remove samples for blood analysis
  28. thoracentesis
    insertion of a needle into the chest to remove fluid from the pleural cavity
  29. complete blood count
    determination of the numbers of leukocytes, erythrocytes, and platelets
  30. hematocrit
    measurement of the percentage of blood volume occupied by red blood cells
  31. immunoglobulin
    measurement of the antibodies that bind to and destroy foreign antigens
  32. sputum test
    examination of mucus coughed up from the patient's lungs to detect tumor or infection
  33. urinalysis
    examination of the urine as an acid in the diagnosis of the disease
  34. path/o
  35. gnos/o
  36. aden/o
  37. rhin/o
  38. carcin/o
  39. thromb/o
  40. encephala/o
  41. laparotomy
    incision of the abdomen
  42. cystoscope
    instrument used to visually examine the urinary bladder
  43. osteoarthritis
    inflammation of the bones and joints
  44. cardiology
    study of the heart
  45. singular form of bacteria
  46. singular form of ganglia
  47. singular form of apices
  48. singular form of calculi
  49. dia-
    complete/ through
  50. auto-
  51. pro-
    before, or forward
  52. dys-
    bad, painful, difficult, abnormal
  53. -algia
  54. -osis
    abnormal condition
  55. -sis
    state of
  56. -emia
    blood condition
  57. thrombosis
    abnormal condition of clotting
  58. hyperglycemia
    blood condition where there is excessive levels of sugar in the blood
  59. oncologist
    a specialist in the study of cancer
  60. neuralgia
    pain of the nerves
  61. gynecology
    the study of women and women's diseases
  62. dysentery
    any condition of painful intestines
  63. leukemia
    an increase in cancerous white blood cells in blood and bone marrow
  64. mediastinum
    large area between the lungs that contains the heart and portions of the esophagus, trachea, and bronchi
  65. peritoneum
    double membrane that covers the organs of the abdomen and attaches them to the abdominal wall
  66. pelvic cavity
    body cavity that consists of the urinary bladder, rectum, pelvic colon, and the uterus and it sits below the abdominal cavity
  67. pleura
    a membrane surrounding the lungs and the inner lining of the cavity
  68. cranium
  69. organ
    a group of different tissues working together
  70. spinal cavity
    the most posterior cavity in your body
  71. tracheotomy
    an incision into the trachea
  72. bronchitis
    inflammation of the bronchial tubes
  73. dermatosis
    abnormal skin condition
  74. nerphrology
    the study of the kidneys
  75. endocrine system
  76. the system that secretes hormones
  77. cervical
    pertaining to the neck region
  78. transverse plane
    the plane that divides the body into superior and inferior portions
  79. salping/o
    fallopian tube
  80. isch/o
    to hold back
  81. -megaly
  82. lymphoma
    a malignant tumor of the lymphatic tissue
  83. phebl/o
  84. chlolecyst/o
  85. -centesis
    surgical procedure to remove fluid
  86. septic/o
  87. -sclerosis
  88. hepatomegaly
    an enlarged liver
  89. atherosclerosis
    a hardening of the arteries caused by fat deposits
  90. myeloma
    malignant tumor in the bone marrow
  91. otitis
    inflammation of the ear
  92. necrosis
    death of cells
  93. inguinal
    pertaining to the groin
  94. septicemia
    an infection of the blood
  95. -gram
  96. -lysis
    separation/ breakdown
  97. -plasty
    surgical repair or correction
  98. -itis
    inflammation of
  99. -stomy
  100. -tomy
  101. biopsy
    removal of living tissue to be studied with a microscope
  102. phlebotomy
    incision of a vein to draw blood
  103. autopsy
    a surgical examination of a dead body
  104. angiography
    x-ray recording of blood vessels after contrast is injected
  105. oophorectomy
    removal of an ovary
  106. angioplasty
    surgical repair of a blood vessel using a catheter, balloon or a stent
  107. hysterectomy
    the removal of a uterus
  108. -plegia
  109. -partum
  110. men/o
    month or menses
  111. top/o
    to put or place
  112. nat/i
  113. -pnea
  114. dur/o
  115. -dipsia
  116. hemiplegic
    paralysis on one side of the body
  117. postpartum
    after birth
  118. congenital
    a disease or abnormality present from birth
  119. dysurea
    painful or difficult urination
  120. dysphagia
    difficult swallowing
  121. bradycardia
    slow heart rate
  122. epidural hematoma
    mass of blood above the outermost layer of the membrane surrounding the brain
  123. physiatrist
    treats patients to restore function after injury or illness
  124. nephrologist
    performs dialysis
  125. geriatrician
    treats disease associated with old age
  126. otolaryngologist
    specializes in ear, nose and throat disorders
  127. ophthalmologist
    performs medical and surgical treatments of eye disorders
  128. rheumatologist
    treats systematic disease affecting joints and muscles
  129. hematologist
    treats disorders of the blood
  130. oncologist
    specializes in the treatment of cancerous or benign tumors
  131. internist
    specializes in adult comprehensive care in office or hospital setting
  132. gastroenterologist
    specializes in the treatment of stomach and intestinal disorders
  133. orthodontist
    specialist in the straightening of teeth
  134. orthopedist
    specializes in the surgical treatment of bone, muscle, and joint disorders
  135. pulmonologist
    specializes in the treatment of lung diseases
  136. Iatr/o
  137. melli/i
  138. hypoglycemia
    a blood condition where there are low levels of sugar in the blood
  139. anemia
    a blood condition in which there is a deficiency of hemoglobin
  140. diagnosis
    a state of complete knowledge
  141. prognosis
    a prediction, a state of before knowledge
  142. nephrectomy
    removal of a kidney
  143. -oma
    tumor or mass
  144. -ac
    pertaining to
  145. -cyte
  146. onc/o
  147. lapar/o
  148. cyst/o
    urinary bladder
  149. hypo-
    below or less
  150. a, an-
    no or not
  151. exo -
    outside of
  152. retro-
  153. hematology
    the study of blood
  154. leukemia
    an increase in cancerous white blood cells in the blood or bone marrow
  155. lumbar
    pertaining to the loin or waist region
  156. hypochondriac
    the region inferior to the cartilage of the ribs
  157. hematoma
    a mass or tumor containing blood
  158. pleuritis
    inflammation of the membrane surrounding the lungs
  159. hemoglobin
    protein found in erythrocytes
  160. psychosis
    abnormal condition of the mind
  161. cephalgia
  162. epithelial
    pertaining to skin cells
  163. cranial cavity
    the most superior cavity in the body
  164. adenoma
  165. a tumor mass of a gland
  166. ophthalmology
    study of the eye
  167. vertebra
    a single backbone
  168. metastasis
    cancerous tumor spreads to distal organs or locations
  169. quadriplegia
    paralysis in all 4 limbs
  170. menorrhagia
    excessive menstrual flow
  171. prolapsed uterus
    the uterus falls forward and is now out of its normal position
  172. myocardial ischemia
    decrease in the blood supply to the heart muscle
  173. -phagia
    to swallow or eat
  174. sarc/o
  175. glyc/o
    sweet, sugar
  176. plas/o
  177. cis/o
    to cut
  178. cholecyst/o
  179. ather/o
  180. gen/o
    to produce
  181. troph/o
    nourishment, development
  182. ad-
    toward, near
  183. ana-
    up, apart
  184. mal-
  185. myoma
    benign tumor a the muscle
  186. colostomy
    opening of the colon to the outside of the body
  187. sleep apnea
    breathing suddenly stops during sleep
  188. cardiomegaly
    enlarged heart
  189. ectopic pregnancy
    pregnancy that develops outside the uterus
  190. prosthesis
    an artificial substitute for a missing body part
  191. tachycardia
    fast heart rate
  192. blood in the urine
  193. necrosis
    death of cells
  194. postpartum
    a maternal depression that occurs after the birth of an infant
  195. resection
    removal of an organ or structure
  196. otalgia
    pain in the ear
  197. exoperitoneum
    outside of the peritoneum cavity
  198. polyurea
    excessive urination
  199. orchidectomy
    removal of testis
  200. proctoscope
    instrument used to visually examine the rectum and anus
  201. colposcopy
    visual examination of the vagina with a colposcope
  202. endarterectomy
    removal of the innermost lining of an artery to remove clots
  203. aneurysm
    opening of an artery due to weakness of the artery wall
  204. thymoma
    tumor of the thyroid gland
  205. cirrhosis
    disease of the liver with the deterioration of liver cells
  206. angina
    chest pain caused by decreased blood to the heart muscle
  207. endometritis
    inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus
  208. lymphoma
    malignant tumor of the lymph nodes
  209. arterial stenosis
    narrowing of an artery
  210. gastroesophageal reflux disease
    the condition when the stomach's contents flow back into the esophagus
  211. ileostomy
    opening of the ileum to the outside of the body
  212. diabetes mellitus - type 1
    a pancreatic disorder, usually develops in childhood, that involves complete insulin deficiency
  213. vasectomy
    removal of the vas deferens
  214. cerebrovascular accident
    damage to the blood vessels of the cerebrum, leading to loss of blood supply to the brain tissue
  215. multiple sclerosis
    destruction of the myelin sheath on nerve cells in the CNS
  216. phren/o
  217. atelectasis
    collapsed lung
  218. atel/o
  219. -ectasis
    dilation/ expansion
  220. pneumoconiosis
    abnormal condition of dust in the lungs
  221. coni/o
  222. melanoma
    malignant tumor of pigmented cells that arise from benign mole in the skin
  223. glaucoma
    increase in the pressure within the chamber at the front of the eye
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