Assessment II

  1. *Assessment of the validity of a specific administration of the MMPI-2 to a client is...
    a process that involves multiple steps which need to be carried out in sequential order
  2. *Never interpret personality characteristics with only 1 item*
  3. **What procedure of standardizing raw scores was used in the MMPI-2?**
    Norm referencing (base rates)
  4. **What does the MCMI-III use as the standard score into which raw scores are translated?**
    • Base rate score (BR)
    • Designed to anchor cutoff points relating to the prevalence of a particular attribute
    • Indicates the probability that the person examined has the particular characteristics being measured...rather than the simple position he or she occupies in the normal distribution
  5. What is Millon's foundational assumption in creating this assessment?
    Personality style is critical to understand in order to interpret what other Axis I disorder means
  6. Is the MCMI-III empirically or theoretically derived?
  7. What is personality style?
    the psychological essence of the person, long assumptions that the person holds about the self and the world, together with the typical ways of thinking and feeling, and the behavioral patterns associated with those assumptions
  8. What are Millons 8 basic personality styles?
    • Schizoid
    • Avoidant
    • Dependent
    • Histrionic
    • Narcissistic
    • Antisocial
    • Compulsive
    • Negativistic
  9. What are the 3 schemata that each personality style fits in to?
    Affiliation, level of emotionality, pleasure-pain
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