final laws

  1. Requires that mechanics and laborers on public construction projects be paid the "prevailing wage" in an area
    1931 Davis-Bacon Act
  2. Currently, the SEC requires companies that have more than 10 million ub assets and whose securitites are publicly traded and held by more than 500 owners to periodically report information, which is available to public.
    1934 Securities Exchange Act
  3. Extends prevailing-wages hours of work, overtime premium; prohibits child labor
    1938 fair labor act
  4. Equal pay required for men and women doing "substantially similar" work in terms of skills, effort and responsibility and working conditions
    1963 Equal pay act
  5. prohibits discrimination in all employment practices on basis of race,sex, color, religion, or national origins
    1964 Title VII if civil rights Act
  6. Prohibits discrimination by federal contractors and subcontractors in all employment practices ; race, sex, color, religion
    1965 Executive Order
  7. Protect employees age 40 and over against age discrimination
    1967 Age Discrimination in employee act (ADEA)
  8. Pregnancy must be covered to same extent that other medical conditions are covered
    1978 Pregnancy discrimination Act
  9. Requires that "essential elements"  of a job be called out. if a person with a disability can perform these essential elements, reasonable accommodation must be provided
    1990 Americans with Disabilities Act
  10. Increase border of proof on employers to rebut some discrimination claims. Strong remedies available in cases of international discrimination
    1991 civil rights act
  11. Requires employers to provided up to 12 weeks unpaid leave for family and medical emergencies
    1993 Family and medical leave act
  12. Income from most stock plans need not be included in calculating overtime pay
    2000 worker economic opportunity act
  13. Executives cannot retain bonuses or profits from selling company stock if they mislead the public about the financial heath of the company
    2002 sabanes-oxley act
  14. Value of all employee stock options must be expended at estimates of fair value on financial statements
    2004 financial accounting standards board statment
  15. Adopts enhanced executive compensation disclosure requirements. example, the compensation discussion and analysis in the proxy statment must address the objectives and implementation of executive compensation programs
    2006 Securities exchange commission
  16. Employers can be liable for current pay differences that are a result discrimination (under title VII) that occurred many years later
    2009 Lilly ledbetter fair pay act
  17. Gives Sec authority to grant shareholders proxy access to nominate directors
    2010 Nominating Directors
  18. Standards for listing a company on an exchange will require that compensation committees include only independent directors
    2010 Independent Compensation Committees
  19. Requires public companies to set policies to allow executives compensation to be taken back if it was based on inaccurate financial statments that didnt comply with accounting standards
    2010 Clawbacks
  20. Direct sec to develop additional disclosure rules
    2010 Executive compensation disclosure
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