UStep3 day 1

  1. % in 1 SD
    % in 2 SD
    % in 3 SD
    • 68
    • 95
    • 99
  2. Stimulant use for ADHD increases risk of developing substance use disorder, true or false
  3. Is the patient's hx of substance use or family hx of alcohol abuse a contraindication to stimulant therapy
  4. ways of controlling for confounding
  5. sole elevation of ALP
    infiltrative disease
  6. Pattern of elevation of LFTs with hepatic steatosis
    usually ast and alt elevation
  7. Definition of FUO
    • Temp >38.0 for 3 weeks
    • Unremarkable work up
  8. Top 3 causes of FUO
    • CTD
    • Infection
    • Malignancy
  9. Femoral vs sciatic nerve injury
    Peroneal nerve
    • Femoral- cant extend knee, low knee reflex
    • Sciatic-ankle reflex is low
    • Peroneal nerve- foot drop
  10. profile of RAIU and thyroglobulin in exogenous -thyroidits
    -Toxic nodular goiter
    -Struma ovarri and postpartum/dequervian
    -papillary or follicular thyroid cancer
    • both low
    • high RAIU and low thyroglobulin
    • low raiu and high thyroglobulin
    • both high
    • normal raiu and high thyroglobulin
  11. Next best test in managemtn of recurrent pneumonia
    best diagnostic test
    • CT chest
    • Bronch
  12. For Pulmonary hypetenstion, if vaso-reactivity test is +, give what?
    If -ve, give what

    Endothelin, Prostenoids and so on
  13. Part of brain involved in wernicke-korsakoff
    mammillary bodies
  14. Parts of wernickes
    Confusion, ataxia, opthalmoplegia

    Korsakoff psychosis-confabulation
  15. 1st step rx for plantar warts
    salisylic acid
  16. contraindicaitons to tPA
    • active bleeding, bleeding diathesis, intracranial bleeding on ct scan, 
    • intracranialbleeding in 3 months
    • hypodensity in >33% of arterial territory
    • BP>185/110
  17. Rx for hypertension in cocaine induced Chest pain
    • phentolamine
    • nitroglycerin
    • nitroprusside
  18. 1st line rx for SIADH hyponatremia
    water restriction, furosemide, lithium then demeclocycline
  19. Dx of ankylosing spondylitis
    • >3 months
    • lumbar limited range of motion
    • limited chest expansion
  20. markers for Ankylosing spondylitis
    cxr and esr?
  21. complications of as
    • restrictive lung disease
    • aortic regurg
    • anterior uveitis
    • iga nephropath
  22. is mortality affected in patients with as
    no, same mortality
  23. which drugs affect levels of lithium
    all renally acting meds + cytochrome P 340 inducers
  24. strongest risk factor for suicide
    prior hx of suicide
  25. Rx for toxic megacolon in the absence
    what should be avoided in teh acute phase
    opiates, anti-muscarinic and 5 ASA
  26. associated findings in turners
    when do streak gonads increase risk for cancer
    • aortic valve problems
    • hypothyrodism
    • DM
    • Horseshoekidney
    • in mosaicasm- i.e XOY in stead of XO
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UStep3 day 1
UStep3 day 1