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  1. Frontal Bone
    Forehead Bone
  2. Supraorbital margin
    brow bone
  3. glabella
    smooth portion between the eyes
  4. Coronal Structure
    (Crona - 'crown') crown cut suture
  5. Parietal Bones
    • Outlined by all 4 adult sutures
    • one parietal bone on each side
  6. Sagittal Suture
    Suture right down the center (between the 2 parietal bones)
  7. Squamous Suture
    Suture between the parietal bones & the temporal bones
  8. Occipital Bone
    Back/Under side of skull
  9. External occipital protuberance
    Midline bump on back of skull
  10. Foramen Magnum
    Big hole of skull (Foramen='hole'/magnum='big')
  11. Occipital Condyles
    WHere the skull sits on the 1st vertabre
  12. Lambdoid suture
    Suture between occipital bone & parietal bones
  13. Temporal Bones
    Tempal area (Temporal='time')
  14. Mastoid process
    Bone behind ear on jaw
  15. External Acoustic meatus
    Ear hole
  16. Zygomatic Arch (Zygomatic Process)
    Arch that comes forward toward the zygomatic bone
  17. Styloid Process
    Stylus looking bone that sticks out
  18. Jugular foramen
    Next biggest holes (one on each side) irregular looking hole where jugular vain runs through
  19. Mandibular fossa
    Depression where the jaw joints sit (Fossa='depression')
  20. Petrous
    Part of temporal bone; ridgid part of temporal bone
  21. Zygomatic Bone
    Cheek Bone
  22. Maxilla Bone
    Front of face
  23. Alveolar margins
    Sockets teeth fit in
  24. Palatine process
    front part of the roof of the mouth
  25. nasal concha
    curly bones in nasal cavity (2 on each side)
  26. Palatine Bone
    Pallet/Roof of the mouth
  27. Vomer Bone
    Bottom part of the nose that separates the 2 nostrels
  28. Nasals
    Nose Bones
  29. Lacrimal Bones
    Lacrimal='tears'; bones of inner orbital area (tear duct area)
  30. Nasolacrimal Canal
    Hole where tears drain to the nose
  31. Sphenoid Bone
    Holds everything together (Bat or Butterfly Bone)
  32. Optic Foramen
    Small rounded holes in eye sockets w/smooth edges; optic nerves run through these holes (nerves make an "X")
  33. Sella turcica
    Depression in middle of sphenoid where petuitary gland lives
  34. Ethmoid Bone
  35. Cribriform plate
    Depression full of holes where smell nerves
  36. Crista Galli
    Ridge of bone between the 2 cribriform plates
  37. Perpendicular plate
    Top part of bone that splits nasal passage in half
  38. Nasal concha
  39. Mandible bone
    Jaw Bone
  40. Alveolar Margin
    Sockets your teeth fit into
  41. Body
    Front Part
  42. Mental Foramen
    Hole in Chin
  43. ANgle
    Angle of jaw
  44. Ramus
    Back parts of jaw
  45. Coronoid process
    front part
  46. mandibular condyle
    back part; part of jaw joint
  47. Paranasal Sinuses
    • Mucosa-lined, air-filled spaces
    • Frontal,Maxillary, Sphenoid, Ethmoid
  48. Frontal sinuses
    Behind Forehead
  49. Maxillary sinuses
    Behind Cheeks
  50. Sphenoid sinuses
    behind ethmoid sinus
  51. ethmoid sinuses
    behind eyes
  52. Fetal Skull Fontanels
    Anterior, Posterior, Anterolateral
  53. Anterior (frontal) Fontanel
    Soft Spot
  54. Posterior (occipital) Fontanel
    Between parietal bones & occipital bones
  55. ANterolateral (sphenoid) Fontanel
    Side of head
  56. Fetal Skull sutures
    • Frontal
    • Coronal
    • Sagittal
    • Lambdoid
    • Squamous
  57. Frontal Suture
    Only found on the fetal skull
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