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  1. Where does Barilla plan to collect the data they need to improve their supply chain?
    They plan to collect distributor shipment data to stores.
  2. Which statement best describes Barilla's advertising strategy?
    Barilla advertises with modern, sophisticated settings in major Italian cities to cultivate a premium image.
  3. What does JITD stand for?
    Just in time distribution
  4. Why are there so many grocery stores and shops in Italy?
    The Italian government restricted larger stores and promoted and protected small shops.
  5. What was the highest recorded stockout from the Cortese Northeast distribution center to their retailers?
    About 9%
  6. Which country in Western Europe has the greatest number of Commercial Shops that engage in retail sales/trade?
  7. How many Central Distribution Centers does Barilla operate in Italy?
  8. Which statement best describes the pattern of orders from Cortese Northeast distribution center to the Pedrignano distribution center near the main plant?
    The patterns of orders fluctuate wildly
  9. Who is to blame for the poor performance of your supply chain?
    The factory
  10. Which one factor do Nike consumers most value in the Nike products they purchase?
    Performance quality of the shoes
  11. Which operation is considered to be "downstream" in Nike's organization?
    Contracted factories
  12. Nike rated manufacturing facilities on their Manufacturing Index using a scale of A to E until their 2012 fiscal year. Which one is Nike's new rating scale? (GSBYR)
    Gold, silver, bronze, yellow, red.
  13. Where is the National Press Club located?
    Washington D.C.
  14. On any given year, does Nike carry more cash or more inventory?
    More inventory
  15. Which factor is most heavily weighted in the Base Material Score?
    Physical waste
  16. Which one of the following activities consumes the most cash within Nike?
    Repurchasing stock
  17. Which statement best describes Nike's net income from 2011 to 2013?
    Increased steadily year after year
  18. What is the top score a supplier can make on Nike's Materials Sustainability Index?
  19. On any given year, does Nike have more accounts receivable or more accounts payable?
  20. Where is the warehouse for Global Logistics located?
    Atlanta, GA
  21. How many salespeople does SG employ?
  22. How would you describe SG's non-US market share?
    They have a smaller non-US market share than other companies.
  23. In what product category did SG have the highest sales in 2009?
  24. Where is the majority of value stored in SG's 2009 inventory?
    North American warehouses and in transit
  25. Which SG product is weighs the most when purchased by the case?
  26. What does the team start calling the inventories that intentionally accumulate in front of the assemblies and in front of the bottlenecks?
  27. Which chapter ends with Alex's management team confused about their next direction - an important part of the Socratic process known as aporia?
    Chapter 34
  28. What story does Alex's management team use as inspiration for finding the intrinsic order within a set of facts?
    The creation of the periodic table of elements
  29. Steps of the theory for success in The Goal. (IESEI)
    • 1. Identify bottlenecks                
    • 2. Exploit bottlenecks                
    • 3. Subordinate everything to above decision
    • 4. Elevate bottlenecks            
    • 5. If bottleneck has been broken, go to step 1
  30. Alex and his management team describe their journey as moving from "Cost World" to where?
    Throughput world
  31. Alex concludes that something interferes with many people's common sense. What is it that interferes?
    Common practice
  32. What does Julie read at the local library?
    Socratic dialogues
  33. About how many weeks of finished goods inventory was the Bearington plant carrying in Chapter 37?
    About 6
  34. Abilities needed to become a great manager. (KKK)
    • 1. Know what to change
    • 2. Know what to change to
    • 3. Know how to cause the change
  35. In one of the chapters, Alex gets bored at the office and leaves. Where does he go?
    The library
  36. When Alex and Lou are driving back from headquarters at the beginning of Chapter 40, who is leading the Socratic dialogue?
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