FM 3rd Degree

  1. Where were you prepared to be passed to the second degree or that of a Fellow Craft?
    In an Entered apprentice lodge after due examination and approval.
  2. How were you prepared?
    In a manner somewhat similar to the former degree, except that I was not hoodwinked, my right arm, right breast and right knee made bare and my left heel slipshod.
  3. Upon what were you admitted?
    A square placed to my naked right breast.
  4. What is a square?
    An instrument of architecture forming an angle of 90 degrees or the fourth part of a circle.
  5. When were you passed to the second degree or that of a fellow craft?
    When the sun was in the western horizon.
  6. And why at that particular hour?
    Because it was at that hour our ancient Brethren went to receive their wages.
  7. Where did they go to receive them?
    Into the inner or middlechamber of King Solomon's Temple at Jerusalem.
  8. How did they receive them?
    Without scruple or diffidence.
  9. And why in this particular manner?
    Without scruple, knowing they were justly entitled to receive them and without diffidence from the confidence they placed in the integrity of their employers in those days.
  10. What are the objects of reascher in this degree?
    The hidden secrets of nature and science.
  11. How do you know yourself to be a Fellow craft Mason?
    By having been regularly passed to that degree in the body of a Fellow Craft lodge, just, perfect and open on the sqaure.
  12. How many Fellow Craft's form a Lodge?
    Five or more regularly passed Fellow Craft's.
  13. What is the name of the left hand pillar at the entrance of King Solomon's Temple and what does it denote?
    Boaz, in it is strength.
  14. What is the name of the right hand pillar at what does it denote?
    Jahkin, to establish.
  15. What is their conjoint signification?
    Stability, for God said In strength will I establish this Mine House, that my name may stand forth forever.
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