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  1. Paul Strand
    • 1. his work was promoted by Alfred Stieglitz in the last two issues of Camera Work. 2. Throughout his career Strand advocated photographers to separate the medium from painting and embrace the camera's sharp
    • aesthetic. 3. Overall, his body of work covers a variety of genres, and holds an immense amount of detail
  2. Charles Sheeler
    1. Photographer of indigenous American architecture 2. Other subject matter included African masks, industrial architecture, and ancient sculptures
  3. Edward Weston
    1. His early work consisted of soft focus images with a brilliant sense of light, and experimentation with abstraction. 2. his work evolved to become technically superior and detailed, yet still retained its sense of abstraction. 3. His developed style went on to inspire the creation of the f/64 group, of which he was a co-founder.
  4. Ansel Adams
    1. known for his photographs of the American West and his conception of the zone system, a practical means of determining proper exposure and development using a set of 10 shades (8 gray, white, and black) to interrelate photographic variables 2. With Weston and others, he co-founded the purist f/64 group.
  5. "A Personal Credo"
    1. an article written by ansel adams in which he states photography's future after WWII will be to relate the world of nature to the world of man. 2. He also criticizes the growing commercialism around photography for undervaluing the importance of technique.
  6. f/64 group
    1. a group of seven 20th century San Francisco photographers who shared a common photographic style characterized by 'sharp-focused and carefully framed images.' 2. They formed in opposition to the Pictorialist photographic style, and to promote a new Modernist aesthetic that was based on precisely exposed images of natural forms and found objects.
  7. Willard Van Dyke
    1. a co-founder of the f/64 Group 2. His subject matter included cotton fields, steel mills, industrial towns, and portraits of unemployed factory workers, attributing to his connection with social "documentary" photography.
  8. Imogene Cuningham
    1. a co-found of the f/64 Group 2. Primarily known for her photography of botanicals, mud and industry.
  9. Sonia Nosoviak
    1. a co-founder of the f/64 Group 2. Her work featured architectural subjects, patterns in nature, and luminaries of her time.
  10. Brett Weston
    1. an American photographer and the second son of photographer Edward Weston. 2. photographs often approach abstraction, with his most known being of the dunes around Oceano, California
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