English 11A Vocabulary

  1. Vernacular
    The native language or dialect, everyday or informal language.
  2. Rhetorical
    The effective use of words, designed to be impressive and showy
  3. Provocative
    Stimulating, pushing or tending toward action, thought or strong feeling
  4. Accentuate
    To emphasize or heighten the effect of
  5. Intricacy
    Condition or state of being complex, detailed
  6. Introspective
    Given to examination of one's own thoughts and feelings
  7. Felicitous
    Well chosen, appropriate, having an agreeable manner
  8. Usurp
    To take by force, wrongfully, or without rights
  9. Comprehensive
    Of wide scope, inclusive, thorough
  10. Ambiguous
    Having more than one possible meaning, uncertain, vague, unclear
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English 11A Vocabulary
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