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  1. what are the 6 pillars of our culture
  2. 1, The power of one
    • 2, Mirror Image
    • 3, Trilogy
    • 4, Omni service tradition
    • 5, Omni service champion 
    • 6, Moment of service
  3. what is the power of one?
  4. 19 different opportunities to provide memorable experience for our guets.
  5. What is Mirror Image
    The belief that if management respect and cares for their staff then the staff will have the same care and respect for their guests.
  6. what is Trilogy
    being able to understand the importance of balancing the ability to satisfy the needs of our guest, owner, and associates
  7. what is Omni service tradition
    giving the staff member at the front line the opportunity to provide their input on how to provide a better customer service experience
  8. What is Omni Service Champion
    a program used to recognize employees that go above and beyond
  9. What is Moment of Service
    Is a way of testing the skills of the employees to make sure they are able to do their job
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