Unit 4 Cards

  1. The main purpose of the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 was to...
    Curb Republican opposition to Adam's policy toward France.
  2. When James Madison drafted the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, he hoped to...
    Protect the personal rights of American citizens
  3. The decision to move the nation's capital to a site on the Potomac River was the result of...
    A compromise involving the Republican's agreement to accept Hamilton's terms on the Report on Public Credit
  4. The fledgling United States did NOT face what problem in the "critical period" of the 1780s?
    Establishing a process by which territories would become states
  5. Jay's Treaty (1795) did not lived up to George Washington's expectations because...
    It failed to secure American trading rights in the British West Indies
  6. The Tenth Amendment lists powers that can be exercised by the states. True or False?
  7. When George Washington became the President of the United States, he worked diligently to limit the powers of the chief executive to calm fears that he would become a monarch. True or False?
  8. What Constitutional provision does NOT increase the power of the national government?
    The "full faith and credit" clause
  9. The emergence of political parties in the 1790s...
    Stemmed from philosophical differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.
  10. How did the Washington administration respond to the war that broke out between Great Britain and France in 1793?
    It issued a proclamation indicating that Americans sought friendly relations with both countries.
  11. In the Revolution of 1800, Aaron Burr and Daniel Shays attempted to overthrow the government with a band of angry farmers. True or False?
  12. Shay's Rebellion pointed out the weakness of the Articles of Confederation government. True or False?
  13. The Articles of Confederation created a weak central government. True or False?
  14. Frie's Rebellion, which broke out in Pennsylvania in 1799, was a response to...
    The Naturalization Act of 1798
  15. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 barred slavery in the territory north of the Ohio River. True or False?
  16. The Declaration of Rights and the Statue of Religious Freedom adopted in Virginia sought to limit the people's civil liberties. True or False?
  17. Using the __, John Adams hoped to preserve Federalist policies long after he left office in 1801.
    Judiciary Act of 1801
  18. The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 argued that states had...
    The right to nullify federal laws if those laws exceeded the limits of the Constitution.
  19. In a ___ form of government, the people are the source of political authority.
  20. The XYZ Affair...
    Described the French attempt to extort money from the Americans in exchange for discussing a new treaty of friendship.
  21. The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 in western Pennsylvania occurred after...
    Local residents refused to pay a federal excise tax on distilled spirits.
  22. To change the Articles of Confederation required unanimous approval. True or False?
  23. The compromise reached at the Constitutional Convention resolving the dispute between small states and large states over representation was the Three-Fifths Compromise. True or False?
  24. Virginia politician who authored the Bill of Rights and the Virginia Resolutions of 1798.
  25. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who negotiated a treaty with Great Britain in 1795.
  26. Federalist appointed as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by John Adams in 1801.
  27. New York politician who as the first secretary of treasury argued in favor of a progressive economic vision.
  28. New York Republican who tied with Thomas Jefferson in the presidential election of 1800.
  29. Massachusetts Federalist who faced criticism for his support of a powerful chief executive.
  30. Vermont Congressman jailed under the Sedition Act in 1798.
  31. Virginia politician who led the opposition against the Washington and Adams administration's policies.
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