Gov Domestic Policy

  1. What is domestic policy?
    Domestic policy is policy intended to enhance quality of life through the establishment of societal condistions that allow citizens to ursue happiness and feel secure
  2. What is the allocation of resources to provide for the proper implementation of public policies?
  3. What three central values have been highlighted in US education reform?
    • Social and Political Order
    • Social and Political Equalitity
    • Individual Liberty
  4. What is No Child Left Behind and identify its four main pillars
    • An educational reform passed in 2002 that employs high standards and measurable goals as a method of improving American education.
    • Pillars
    • Results oriented accountability
    • Flexibility in Funding
    • Best Practices
    • School Choice
  5. The 1981 National Energy Policy Plan that ended the price and allocation controls on crude oil and petroleum was under which President?
  6. What are several theories that explain he formation of public policy?
    • Elite theory
    • Bureaucratic theory
    • Interest Group theory
    • Pluralist theory
  7. What are the seven steps in policymaking process?
    • Problem Recognition
    • Agenda Setting
    • Policy formulation
    • policy adoption
    • budgeting
    • policy implementation
    • policy evaluation
  8. What are the two types of agendas
    • Systemic Agenda- includes all public issues that are viewed as requiring governmental attention.
    • Governmential Agenda- The Changing list of issues to which governments believe they should address themselves
  9. What is medicare?Who began it? What is its relation to medicaid?
    • Medicare is the federal program estalished in Lyndon B Johnson administration that provides medical care to elderly Social Security recipitents
    • Medicaid is an expansion of Medicare for poor families
  10. Ehat are two popular ways to implement school choice policy?
    • Vouchers-certificates issued by the gov that may be applied to costs of attending private/public schools
    • Charter Schools-semipublic schools founded by universities,corporations,or concerned parents that have open admission but may also receive private donations
  11. What does CAFE stand for and discuss the details surrounding these standards
    • Coroprate Average Fuel Efficiency
    • It began in 1975 as a means of improving the gas milage of automobiles in the US. Under CAFE, auto makers are requird to meet average fuel efficiency standards for the cars they sell in the US
  12. During the administration of George HW Bush and Bill Clinton, which two areas in policy remained OFF the governmental agendas?
    Enrgey and Environmental Policies
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