HHC Organizations

  1. Zionism
    • 1896
    • The idea headed by Theodor Herzl in The Jewish State that Jews:
    • Need a nation to be respected
    • This nation is Palestine
  2. Palestinian Authority
    • Palestinian government
    • Created after Oslo Accords
    • President is Mahmoud Abbas
  3. PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization)
    • Started in 1964
    • Homeland return, govern themselves, gorilla war method
    • Became more centrist
    • Chairman was Yasser Arafat
  4. Labor Party
    The largest center-left party in Israel and is a center-left party that maybe Yorko and Daniel would be apart of
  5. National Religious Party
    • A highly religious political party in Israel that kids like Shlomo and Moishe would belong to

  6. Peace Now
    • An Israeli peace group that maybe Yorko and Daniel
    • would be apart of.
  7. Fatah Party
    • Largest party for Palestinians
    • Started by Yasser Arafat
    • Headed by Mahmoud Abbas currently
  8. Hamas
    • 1987 (created)
    • Highly militant operations
    • Viewed by the US as a terrorist group
    • Also builds schools, hospitals, and homes
    • Faraj might be in this group
  9. BADIL
    Palestinian organization for refugee rights in a peaceful manner

    • Sanabel would probably be in this group

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