OS Organization: Mid-term questions

  1. _____ is more efficient than  interrupt-driven of programmed I/O for a multiple-word I/O transfer.

    B. direct memory access
  2. Small, fast memory  located between the processor and main memory is called:

    B. Cache memory
  3. In a uni-processor system, multi-programming increases processor efficiency by:

    A. Taking advantage of time wasted by long wait interrupt handling.
  4. The portion of the monitor that is always in main memory and available for execution is referred to as the _______.

    A. resident monitor
  5. A ______ is a unit of activity characterized by the execution of a sequence of instructions, a current state, and an associated set of system resources.

    B. process
  6. When one process spawns another, the spawned process is referred to as the ______.

    B. child process
  7. _____ involves moving part or all of a process from main memory to disk.

    A. Swapping
  8. In a multithreaded environment, a _____ is defined as the unit of resource allocation and a unit of protection.

    B. process
  9. The principal disadvantage of the ______ approach is that the transfer of control from one thread to another within the same process requires a mode switch to the kernel.

    C. Virtual Address eXtension
  10. A situation in which a runnable process is overlooked indefinitely by the scheduler, although it is able to proceed, is ______.

    C. starvation
  11. A _____ occurs when multiple processes or threads read and write data items so that the final result depends on the order of  execution of instruction in the multiple processes.

    B. race condition
  12. What is the basic form of communication between processes or threads in a microkernel operating system?

    C. Message Passing
  13. Which of the following does NOT represent one of the ways in which a relationship between the OS and the user can exist:

    E. None of the above
  14. Which of the following does NOT happen when a fork()  system call is executed?

    C. A new program is executed
  15. Which of the following has not contributed to the development of modern operating systems?

    C. monolithic kernel
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