HHC Wars

  1. War of Independence/The Catastrophe
    • 1948
    • The British simply leave the Middle East area and fighting breaks out between Palestinians and Jews. The Jews win and declare Israel. Many Palestinians flee or are forced out (800,000 displaced). This brings on UN Res 194
  2. Six-Day War
    • 1967 (a.k.a the Setback)
    • Israel attacks its neighbors and triples its land size (Sinai, Gaza, West Bank, and Golan Heights). They built settlements in the new land which Palestinians view as a violation of the international law. This brings on UN Res 242 (300,000 displaced)
  3. Yom-Kippur War
    • 1972
    • A surprise attack against Israel by Egypt and Syria which lasted 3-weeks and returned much of the land taken by Israel in the Six-Day War. This makes Israel more open to peace treaties and Palestinians feel betrayed by the Arabs.
  4. Intifada
    • (1st – 1988; 2nd– 2001)
    • Mostly composed of young Palestinians who attacked Israeli soldiers with stones; more violent with suicide bombings
    • Made Israel more open to peace treaties
  5. WWI

    Allies: British, France, US

    • Central Powers: Ottoman
    • Empire, Germany, Austria
  6. WWII + Holocaust
    • 1939-1945
    • Final Solution passed by Hitler in 1941 (Anti-Semitism)

    Created sympathy for Jews

    • Allies: US, France, Britain,
    • Russia

    • Axis: Germans, Italians,
    • Japanese
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