1. What role did woman play in the revolution war?
    Women worked as spies for the Patriots,They also took husbands spot in war if they were wounded,also nursed wounded or sick soldiers
  2. what does strategy mean?
    Means overall plan to win a war.
  3. What three problems that the continental army face?
    They where not well trained,they also had poor supplies,and they had very little money and lacked food.
  4. What was the turning point in the revolution war?
    Saratoga.It motivated the french to help the Patriots win the war.
  5. In what ways did allies help the Patriots?
    They gave money,weapons,and gave a lot of supplies.
  6. What where some disadvantages the British faced during the war?
    They where far from home,they had to travel far distances to get supplies,and they did not know the land,and they were less motivated.
  7. What motivated the Patriot soliders to win the war?
    • To gain their liberty and Independence.
    • To rule themselves.
  8. What did the British agree to in the Treaty of Paris in 1783?
    To recognize that the colonies are free and independent.
  9. How did the war effect African Americans?
    How were Native Americans effected?
    • A lot of African Americans went back to slavery.
    • Many Native Americans lost there homes.
  10. What where some British strategies?
    • To fight offensive war.
    • To control key cities.
    • To control country side.
    • face to face fighting.
  11. What where some Continental Army strategies?
    • To fight defensive war.
    • To protect themselves.
    • Surprise attack and then retreat.
  12. Who fought in the Continental Army?
    Farmers,Merchants,and Shopkeepers
  13. What does volunteer mean?
    A person who performs a service for free.
  14. What does Tactic mean?
    A planned action,such as a way of moving or using troops,aimed at reaching a certain goal.
  15. What does turning point mean?
    An event that leads to an dramatic change.
  16. What does treaty mean?
    A formal agreement between two or more nations.
  17. What does revolution mean?
    The overthrow of one government and its replacement with another.
  18. What does mercenary mean?
    A solider hired to fight for a foreign army.
  19. What does home front mean?
    Areas away from the fighting in a country at war.
  20. What does enlist mean?
    To agree to serve in an army or a navy.
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