Ch10 text questions

  1. 1. How does the access method used by Wi-Fi differ from that used by Ethernet?
    Wi-Fi uses Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA). Unlike Ethernet, that detects collisions and then recovers from them, CSMA/CA tries to avoid collisions.
  2. 2. What happens if an 802.11g device detects an 802.11b device nearby?
    The 802.11g device drops into a lower-speed operating mode.
  3. 1. What are the two protocols that support VPN connections over the Internet?
    PPTP and L2TP
  4. 2. What authentication protocols are supported for PPP connections?

    • 1. What are the connection methods supported for circuit-switched networks?
    • Circuit-switched: POTS and IDSN
  5. 1. What are the connection methods supported for dedicated circuit networks?
    Dedicated circuit: T carrier and SONET (SDH)
  6. 1. What are the connection methods supported for packet-switched networks?
    Packet-switched: X.25, ATM, Frame Relay, and SMDS
  7. 2. What are the architectures supported by circuit-switched networks?
    Circuit-switched: cloud
  8. 2. What are the architectures supported by dedicated circuit networks?
    Dedicated circuit: ring, star, and mesh
  9. 2. What are the architectures supported by packet-switched networks?
    Packet-switched: cloud
  10. 1. Name three types of applications available for a smartphone.
    Productivity applications, communications, personal management, health and fitness, and entertainment are several application types that are available on a smartphone.
  11. 2. What services can you think of that you already access through cloud computing?
    • Some cloud computing services include:
    • • Software as a service (SaaS)
    •  o Customer resource management via
    • o E-mail like Hotmail, YahooMail or Gmail.

    • • Development services
    • o Application development via

    • • Utility services
    • o Antivirus protection via Panda Cloud Antivirus.

    • • Commerce services
    • o Purchasing items from eBay.

    There are many cloud computing services, so students answers will vary greatly.
  12. Which packet-switched connection method supports the highest-bandwidth connections?    
    (a)       X.25     (b)       Frame Relay     (c)       ATM     (d)       T service
    (c)       ATM
  13. SONET optical carrier levels are measured in multiples of what speed?

    (C)        51.84Mbps
  14. Standard dial-up remote access connections use which of the following?    

    (C)        POTS
  15. MS-CHAP is the most secure authentication protocol supported for Windows PPP clients. True or false?
  16. Secure remote access connections can be established over the Internet by using a VPN. True or false?
  17. Which protocol is used for Windows client dial-in remote access to a Windows server?    

    (B)        PPP
  18. Which PPP subprotocol includes network- protocol specific support protocols that support network protocol configuration?

    (d)       CCP
    (B)        NCP
  19. By classic definition, a LAN becomes a WAN when connections cross a public carrier. True or false?
  20. What is the industry-standard protocol for configuring VPN connections?

    (B)        L2TP
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Ch10 text questions
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