Soc 1101 Prelim 2 Basic Terms

  1. Socialization
    the process through which individuals internalize the values, beliefs, and norms of society and learn to function as its members (family, school, gender, etc.)
  2. Symbolic interaction
    shared meanings, orientations, and assumptions from basic motivations behind people's actions
  3. Deviance
    Nonconformity to a set of norms that are accepted by a significant portion of a community or society
  4. Stigma
    negative social label that not only changes others' behavior toward a person but also alters that person's own self-concept and social identity
  5. Network properties
    • Structure: how many people we're connected to
    • Density: how well our friends know our friends, introducing people
    • Centrality: how central we are in our network
  6. Impression management
    • working consensus: help other ppl manage their impressions by not calling them out
    • first impressions, changing language when talking to different groups
    • "give" - verbal communication
    • "give off" - non-verbal communication usually validating what was given but can also invalidate
  7. Institutions
    standardized social systems
  8. Values of social capital
    • information
    • influence
    • social credentials
    • reinforcement
  9. Segregation
    the uneven distribution of people across units by some social characteristic
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Soc 1101 Prelim 2 Basic Terms
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